December 24, 2008

13 Reasons To Update My Mixpod

here are the 13 new songs that i want on my mixpod! they're all really good! no mixpod is complete without them! wait until you read number 13. i'm still laughing! ha ha ha! disney is so stupid but i love it!
1. 'Feel Good Drag' by Anberlin
2. 'Fingertips' by The Urgency
3. 'Heels Over Head' by Boys Like Girls
4. 'Jamie All Over' by Mayday Parade
5. 'Sweet and Low' by Augustana
6. 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley
7. 'Dare You To Move' by Switchfoot
8. 'Over and Over' by 3 Days Grace
9. 'Love Hurts' by Incubus
10. 'Northern Downpour' by Panic at the Disco
11. 'Your Call' by Secondhand Serenade
12. 'Believe' by The Bravery
13. i heard this HILARIOUS song called 'I Am A Gummibear' by Gummibear. it was soooo funny! i was going on and on about this to my mom and she didn't believe me so i found it on YouTube and we were like on the floor laughing! it's soooooo funny! ha ha!

and one last thing. i recently got obsessed with 2 things. Boys Like Girls and converse! i'm really hoping for converse shoes for christmas! i have my custom converse that's on my banner, but i love them too much to just have one pair. and Boys Like Girls! LP said she would get me BLG stuff for christmas! i'll have to hold her too it! BLG & converse are my new obsessions! <3 <3

December 22, 2008

I'm back!!

hey everyone! i'm back from tennessee! it as a blast but i missed LP. well gabe got me a christmas present! it's a kitten!! i named him scooter! he's the cutest thing! he's the kitten in the picture. cute, huh? gabe is still with bailey which is cool. i like bailey. we went snowboarding. gabe is really good, but me and bailey were falling all over the place! ha ha! at least it made a good memory. gabe also plays in a band, and they're pretty good. lily-pagan met them once. they play locally, but they're not a big shot or anything. jay, whose the front man, writes all their songs and music. and it's actually good. but enough about them! oh my gosh! and when gabe and i were driving to go see the guys, i heard 'don't trust me' on the radio!! i was like "turn it up!!" and gabe was like wincing, and i was bouncing of the walls! it didn't used to be a mainstream hit until a few days ago. yay 3oh3! i'm glad to be home, thou. i'm going to LP's house for dessert on christmas! her mom makes the BEST chocolate pie! maybe i'll bring scooter. oh yea! did you see the picture behind the blog title? those are my converses. i love them! <3 <3 it took me forever to do all the writing at stuff. it ended up with really hawt shoes, but a lot of sharpie ink on my hands.

December 8, 2008

Tennessee & Gabe

hey readers! i just wanted to let you guys know that i'm going down to tennessee to see my brother gabe! my parents are divorsed and i live with my mom and he lives with dad. i haven't seen gabe in a while thou, so i'm pretty excited abt it. gabe's 3 years older than me, but we were always pretty close growing up. we hav the same birthday which is also cool. so november 14th was always the funest day of the year. christmas is pretty cool, too. lily-pagan met gabe when we still lived together. LP and gabe get along which in convient, definatly. LP is an only child so i think that gabe is a pretty cool thing to her. i donno when's the next time i'll be able to post but, gabe's worth it. oh yea! gabe's girlfriend bailey is really sweet too. she's only a year older than me so we get along. she's really cute and bouncey. her and gabe have been going out for a year. actually november 11th was their 1 year anniversary. congrats babe! (gabe and bailey, babe, get it?)

December 7, 2008

Straight, Bisexual & Lesbian/Gay

i've been swaping emails with my friend rose lately. she's bisexual, which i've known for awhile, but i've never thought much abt it. well the other day, she brought me the great news that her crush, hannah, had said yes when she asked her out. so what's the deal? i'm bisexual myself, and i've been crushing on my friend isabelle for the longest time! i just have no way of knowing if she likes girls. she's 14, which is younger than me. when i asked rose how she knew that hannah might be interetsed, she said she just asked if she was lesbian or bisexual. just ask? it's seems easy... but so not. she got lucky thay hannah was interested in her. well lily-pagan is straight so she's never had to worry abt that, but she's good at keeping my secret from isabelle. nicole's trying to help me out, which i apreciate but i figure it's only a matter of time before isabelle connects the dots. uh-oh...

December 6, 2008

MixPod rox!!

i just got a MixPod playlist for the blog and i totally love it! it runs really well and is jacked up with all the songs i love! 5 stars for mixpod! i'll hav to teach lily-pagan how to add one to her blog. i see her most days since she only lives a few houses away from me. it's good having friends not to far away. Jayk lives close enough the skateboard but i hate walking... Nicole lives 20 minutes away, thou. so i don't see her as much. Nicole's not much into blogging and neither is Jayk. but as far as i know they read mine.

PS: there's some awesome songs on my mixpod that aren't too well known. check them out if you get time. you might like them ;)

Britney Spears, The Red Sox & 30 Rock

I totally hate Britney Spears! I always listen to music when I'm blogging but when Britney Spears comes on, I just can't think! All I can think is "womanizer, womanizer, your a woma-womanizer" whenever I hear her! It's hard to blog when the same word is going around in your head over and over... Well anyway, I'm a big Boston Red Sox fan. There's no baseball teams in Virginia so I was pretty much up for grabs. But Boston is a good team so it was an easy choice. Jacoby Ellsbury is my sweet heart <3. The other day me, Lily-Pagan, and my friend Nicole rented season 1 of 30 rock and watched it all in one sitting. Nicole really likes 30 Rock so we agreed to watch it with her. It isn't the kinda thing I would usually watch but it was funny. I loved Kenneth (the dude on the left) the gay nerd. I'm totally convinced that he and Jonathon (Jack's gay assitant) would make a cute couple! Kenathon <3

December 5, 2008

More Music

On my first post I said my top 10 songs changed a lot. So just keeping everyone updated...

1. Leave Out All Rest by Linkin Park
2. Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone) by Forever The Sickest Kids
3. All Over You by The Spill Canvas
4. Seventeen Forever by Metro Station
5. Bounce by The Cab
5. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
6. Don't Trust Me by 3 Oh! 3
7. Better Than Me by Hinder
8. Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy
10. Love Me Dead by Ludo

lol! Love Me Dead is hanging in there! If anyone really reads this blog, spread the word!

December 1, 2008

One Tree Hill <3

Hey everyone! A few days ago I convinced my friend (Lily-Pagan) to watch One Tree Hill with me just for laughs. Well we bought the season 1 box set and we're TOTALLY hooked! We're only a little more than half way through season 1, but it's totally cute. Last night, we decided to have a One Tree Hill (or OTH for short) marathon and we watched 10 episodes. Well, we just watched the episode 'I Shall Believe' (episode 1.14) and it made her cry! I managed to keep it together but Lucas is my favorite character so it was hard. I know, I know pretty embarassing, rite? But we're both in love with it. I also watch Supernatural (also on CW) which is totally lovely. Other than that, music and skateboarding rules my life. But I always have time to watch some OTH or Supernatural with Lily-Pagan <3

Check it out!

Hey, guys! My best friend Lily-Pagan has a blog! It's! You've gotta check it out. She's the best <3

Hey, Hey!

Hey everybody! Anastasia Zigantai here! Music rules my life there for I have to constantly talk about it to stay alive. Pretty sad rite? Well, a new We The Kings song just started comin' around on the radio and into popular taste. Secret Valentine (totally sweet). Lemme just say I absolutley luv this one! It's really hot! I'm a fan of Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby, Run) but this one is really cool. Also Seventeen Forever (by Metro Station) started coming bac on the radio. Sure it's Miley Cyrus's favorite MS song, but it's mine too. It's really hot. Top 10 songs today...

1. Whoa Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone) by Forever the Sickest Kids
2. Seventeen Forever by Metro Station
3. Secret Valentine by We The Kings
4. Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park
5. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
6. Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (my ringtone <3)
7. Human by The Killers
8. Addicted by Saving Abel
9. Bounce by The Cab (check this one out!)
10. Love Me Dead by Ludo (another one to check out!)

My list of top 10 songs frequently changes. But today, these songs make the list!