January 26, 2009

No guts, no glory

Date: January 26
Mood: Lazy (if i had a penny for every time i wrote that, i'd be rich)
Listening To: 'The Mixed Tape' by Jack's Mannequin
Famous People Born Today: 1802 Victor Hugo, 1829 Levi Strauss, 1928 Fats Domino, 1932 Johnny Cash


so i finally got the balls to upload a picture of myself.
*nervously shivering* Yea, that took awhile.
me and LP agreed that we would both upload pictures of ourselves to our blogger profiles. so at least i'm not in it alone.
*LP nervously shaking* i can't do it! *chibbi three slaps LP* get it together!
i also realized that i hadn't updated my profile in FOREVER! so now it's updated with a bunch of new interests and such.
*chibbi spin, wearing a tiara* it's well timed with making over the blog!
and now i have 4 followers which is really coolio considering a few days ago i only had LP.
*confetti falls* thanks everyone!!
also lily-pagan's been babbling about the little blog community so i checked it out.
*nodding, proud of herself* yea, i get around...
it's actually cool. for more details go to and look at the blog archive. it should be under blog city. a few new ones have been added so if you wanna go above and beyond visit for the mother blog of blog city.
*dizzy, falls over* so many links...
also you should look at my sidebar! i added a bunch of cool stuff to it.
*chibbi peace sign* including my current obsession hello kitty!!
yea, i got obsessed with hello kitty. i saw a giant plushie hello kitty that made my love of hello kitty ACHE!
*passes out* whoa is me! if only i could have that plushie!
and the other night i went over to LP's house because i was BORED and we watched Major League (LP really likes baseball movies) which was funny.
*pushes her critic glasses up on her nose* i'd give it 4 stars
Charlie Sheen was FUNNY! but he usually is.
*holds up a stop sign* wait!
just one more thing. on blog city there's this blog called Confessions Of A Broken Heart ( and it's SAD!
*raincloud overhead* he just seems like a really troubled guy...
but you can find out more by following any of those links. blog city (as LP and i call it) has a lot of blogs to offer.
*dancing in a field of daisies* it's fun for the whole family!!
see for yourself! really!

PS: before i go i just wanna thank all my awesome followers and crayon users! it's you guys who inspire we to keep blogging!

live, love, the killers
Anastasia <3:)

January 22, 2009

Whoa is me! I've fallen in love!

Date: January 22
Mood: Excited
Listening To: 'Vampire' by People In Planes
Famous People Born Today: 1935 Sam Cooke, 1965 Diane Lane


pyuntah! i've fall in love! with who??
*juming up and down* tell me! tell me!
Andrew McMahon from Jack's Mannequin!
*jaw drops* a CELEBRITY??
yup. Andrew McMahon not only rose against leukemia, but he's a looker!
*tilts head back and forth* yeaaa...
so now i'm obsessed with andrew mcmahon. that means jack's mannequin and something corporate make the list of things to scope on iTunes.
*adjusts glasses (even though i don't wear them)* but on to our next topic...
american idol! i'm still a sucker for it... LP and i have "idol night" where she comes to my house (i have a AWESOME hidef TV!) and we watch american idol together.
*dancing to the opening theme* IDOL NIGHT BAYBAY!!
my list to watch...

- Adam Lambert (San Fransisco, CA)
- Cody Sheldon (Phoenix, AZ)
- Michael Castro (Kansas City, MS)
- Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell (Phoenix, AZ)
- Shera Lawrence (Louisville, KY)
- John Twiford (San Fransisco, CA)

dear LP, i liked cody and adam first baybay!! but you can like them 2 :)
anyway, bikini girl is awesome! not really singing, and usually i hate girlie girls but she RAWKS!
*Katrina Darrell suntanning* I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world!
and adam lambert is like a slightly cuter gay version of david cook! i LOVE him!
*Adam Lambert sees John Twiford* Hey...
ha ha ha! i don't know if he's really gay but he's cool no matter what!
*Michael Castro hangs his head* why did i have to be STONER BOY's brother...?
michael castro is way more coolio than jason castro!
*Cody Sheldon steals fake blood of the set of My Bloody Valentine* Shh!
cody sheldon is almost emo and he makes horror movies! where can you go wrong?
*John Twiford sits next to Katrina Darrell* How you doin' pretty girl??
john twiford has a good voice and he looks like a totally ladies man flirt!
*Shera Lawrence drops a water balloon on Adam Lambert's head* Tee hee!
shera lawrence looks like the kind of clumsy prankster i could enjoy.
*all the girls hug adam* it's ok! *adam pushes past them and hugs john, john looks uncomfortable* huh??
i love gay guys!
and one more thing. a bunch of you have been commenting on my blog which is super cool (keep up the good work) but to boost my confidence don't be afraid to follow! anyone who follows is awesome! and anyone who comments is awesome 2!

live, love, jack's mannequin

January 18, 2009

Mya ha lol!

Date: January 18
Mood: Bored
Listening To: 'Make Damn Sure' by Taking Back Sunday
Famous People Born Today: 1882 A.A. Milne, 1892 Oliver Hardy, 1904 Carey Grant, 1955 Kevin Costner


You know, it's been awhile since I did one of my top 10 music list!
*confetti falls* Yeah baby! Music is my love!

1. 'Not Meant To Be' by Theory Of A Deadman
2. 'Over and Over' by Three Days Grace
3. 'Fuzzy Blue Lights' by Owl City
4. 'Believe Me, I'm Lying' by Forever The Sickest Kids
5. 'Feel Good Drag' by Anberlin
6. 'Make Damn Sure' by Taking Back Sunday
7. 'Don't Trust Me' by 3 Oh! 3
8. 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley
9. 'Drunken Lament' by Ludo
10. 'Vulnerable' by Secondhand Serenade

I don't have 1 or 9 on my Mixpod which really sucks, though...
*rain cloud overhead* Bummer.
On a different topic. I was listening to the radio and I heard 'Lovebug' by The Jonas Brothers.
*lightbulb overhead* Hey!
LP loves the Jonas Brothers. But I've had mixed feelings about them. It went like this. "Who?" "I love the Jonas Brothers!" "They're so lame ass and over rated!" "I <3 JB!!" "They're pretty cute." And that's where I am now.
*seriously emo people point at me* Sell out!!
It took me awhile to come to the full out emo listening pallet. And The Jonas Brothers are NOT emo!
*LP jumps up and down* JB! JB! JB!
But the Jonas Brothers are pretty cool. And Lily-Pagan is awesome.
*Lily-Pagan rubs her face on the CD* Purrrrr....
So on our last topic of the day, the Disney Channel. All the shows on that channel are so cheezy!
*melted on the couch, watching Hannah Montana* Oh... my... GOD!!
Sometimes I watch it when I have nothing to do. But there's so many lame ass shows on that channel.
*melted on the couch, watching That's So Raven* You can't be serious...
Well that's all for now. Until then, Anastasia's logging out loud!

Live, Love, Panic at the Disco
Anastasia <3:)

January 12, 2009


Date: January 12
Mood: Lethargic
Listening To: 'Dance Hall Drug' by Boys Like Girls
Famous People Born Today: 1876 Jack London, 1954 Howard Stern, 1955 Kirstie Alley


I mentioned in a post a long time ago that I'm a religious watcher of the CW's Supernatural.
*looking around* Anybody ever heard of it...?
It's about these two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, that hunt demons, and look totally sexxi doing it!!
*fan girl smitten sigh* Haaaa...
They're in their forth season. And I also have seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD! Why? Because I love them!!
*rubbing the season 3 box on her face* Winchester brothers...
Sometimes me and LP talk about who's the better CW brothers. Sam and Dean Winchester, or Lucas and Nathan Scott.
*pish posh hand wave* Well it's OBVIOUS isn't it?
I think Sam and Dean, but LP always backs Lucas and Nathan. LP has always had a weak stomach for blood and stuff which Supernatural has a lot of. I dunno how she watches Bones but she can't watch Supernatural or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC for short) with me.
*Lily-Pagan's eyes widen* Where's her EYES?!?! *I shrug* They burned out, weren't you watching??
I got her to watch House of Wax with me once but she couldn't sleep for DAYS! But it has Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalekci in it. AKA Lucas Scott (OTH) and Sam Winchester (Supernatural)!
*Lily Pagan and I both drool* Huba huba...
Another thing. LP and I saw a commercial for that movie The Unborn and we were SURE that the leading female was Daniella Alonso who played Anna Taggaro in season 2 of OTH! But she WASN'T!
*looks utterly shocked* Say WHAT?!?!
But she does look like her...
*sitting facing the wall in the corner with a rain cloud overhead* She does...
Well that's all I have to say for now. And check out my favorite shows posted on the side of the blog!
*excitedly waving* Bye!!

Live, Love, Secondhand Serenade
Anastasia <3:)

January 8, 2009

All aboard the 2009 express!!

Date: January 8
Mood: Sleepy
Listening To: 'Umbrella' by All Time Low
Famous People Born Today: 1935 Elvis Presley, 1937 Shirley Bassey, 1947 David Bowie


Whoa whoa wubzies! 2009 already... You know what that means? Time for new years resolutions!
*colorful confetti falls* "Yay! Yipee! Wha hoo!" *cheesy game show host smile*
Oh. Ahem, ahem. As you may have noticed i just overhauled this whole freakin' blog! New layout everything! In hopes that this blog might catch your eye more easily!
*rapid blinking* "Pretty colors!" *vapid smile* "Me likey..."
So getting back to what i was trying to say! Resolutions!!

* STOP yelling for no good reason (WHY?!?!)
* STOP throwing temper tantrums every time someone mentions Twilight (but it's DUMB!)
* STOP taking NQuil in the middle of the day (ZzZzZzZz...)
* STOP using inside jokes around people who don't know what they mean (but it's so fun!)
* TRY working on my balance ball more (i love that thing!)
* TRY to watch a comedy (but i love OTH and TSCC!)
* TRY to get New Kids From The Block and Kelly Clarkson dropped from their labels (mya ha ha ha!)
* TRY to clean my room (but clutter = comfort, right??)

And believe me, never bad talk Twilight in front of people who live for it! They totally freak!
*fan girl fanning her face with her hand* "EDWARD!!! MARRY ME EDWARD!!!"
My friend Dawn got soooooo mad and went all Edward fan girl on me when I said it was stupid. But it is!
*Uncle Sam pointing at Dawn* "We'll talk later, misses..."
Well Lily-Pagan has discovered a new obsession. Mario Baseball for Wii! She really kicks my butt but it's fun. Sometimes it's hard to get her off of it though!
*dragging LP out her front door, LP still grasping her Wii remote* "We're going OUT."
And another thing I got totally sick and had to bail on me and Jayk's plans! We were gonna go to the skate park. But i've been on pretty much a DayQuil a day so it's for the best.
*sneezes into tissue* "Thorry, Jayk!" *sneezes into tissue*
Anyway! I've gotta run! Happy 2009 everyone!

Live, Love, Boys Like Girls.
Anastasia <3:)