January 22, 2009

Whoa is me! I've fallen in love!

Date: January 22
Mood: Excited
Listening To: 'Vampire' by People In Planes
Famous People Born Today: 1935 Sam Cooke, 1965 Diane Lane


pyuntah! i've fall in love! with who??
*juming up and down* tell me! tell me!
Andrew McMahon from Jack's Mannequin!
*jaw drops* a CELEBRITY??
yup. Andrew McMahon not only rose against leukemia, but he's a looker!
*tilts head back and forth* yeaaa...
so now i'm obsessed with andrew mcmahon. that means jack's mannequin and something corporate make the list of things to scope on iTunes.
*adjusts glasses (even though i don't wear them)* but on to our next topic...
american idol! i'm still a sucker for it... LP and i have "idol night" where she comes to my house (i have a AWESOME hidef TV!) and we watch american idol together.
*dancing to the opening theme* IDOL NIGHT BAYBAY!!
my list to watch...

- Adam Lambert (San Fransisco, CA)
- Cody Sheldon (Phoenix, AZ)
- Michael Castro (Kansas City, MS)
- Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell (Phoenix, AZ)
- Shera Lawrence (Louisville, KY)
- John Twiford (San Fransisco, CA)

dear LP, i liked cody and adam first baybay!! but you can like them 2 :)
anyway, bikini girl is awesome! not really singing, and usually i hate girlie girls but she RAWKS!
*Katrina Darrell suntanning* I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world!
and adam lambert is like a slightly cuter gay version of david cook! i LOVE him!
*Adam Lambert sees John Twiford* Hey...
ha ha ha! i don't know if he's really gay but he's cool no matter what!
*Michael Castro hangs his head* why did i have to be STONER BOY's brother...?
michael castro is way more coolio than jason castro!
*Cody Sheldon steals fake blood of the set of My Bloody Valentine* Shh!
cody sheldon is almost emo and he makes horror movies! where can you go wrong?
*John Twiford sits next to Katrina Darrell* How you doin' pretty girl??
john twiford has a good voice and he looks like a totally ladies man flirt!
*Shera Lawrence drops a water balloon on Adam Lambert's head* Tee hee!
shera lawrence looks like the kind of clumsy prankster i could enjoy.
*all the girls hug adam* it's ok! *adam pushes past them and hugs john, john looks uncomfortable* huh??
i love gay guys!
and one more thing. a bunch of you have been commenting on my blog which is super cool (keep up the good work) but to boost my confidence don't be afraid to follow! anyone who follows is awesome! and anyone who comments is awesome 2!

live, love, jack's mannequin

4 crayons:

Lily-Pagan said...

lol! the narration of the contestants was HILARIOUS!! i love ur posts!! IDOL NIGHT BABY!! XD

Yerika =] said...

I love ur post =]I am glad you
liked my blog~! it
made my day!
I LOVE LP i mean they are so AWESOME!
Like ur blog!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Lol !!
Cute post!
I love music !! I can't live without it :D
U have a sweet blog!
Take Care!

ChipotleChick said...

American Idol RULES!!!! and Simon keeps it interesting, even if there are times when i want to strangle him.

CODY IS ME FAV!!!!!!!!

He's a hot, horror-loving dude with great hair.

cause hair matters.

I love gay guys too! I'm friends with way more gay guys than straight cuz they are so nice, funny, aren't afraid of hugs, and have great taste in clothes!

*Cody Sheldon plans horror movie in which Simon dies a tragic and totally unexpected death*

the little narratives between the contestants. Clever!