September 7, 2009

because martin johnson made dork glasses hot

Date: September 7, 2009
Mood: Restless
Listening To: 'Hush' by Automatic Loveletter
Famous People Born Today: Buddy Holly (1936), Corbin Bernsen (1954), Michael Emerson (from LOST) (1954)


i lied, but i had the time of my life living that lie.
*cocks head* what am i talking about you say?
on my last post, i said that i was no longer going to torture you all with once a month posts.
*checks calendar* but look. my last post was on august first and today is september seventh.
so sure, i lied. but i've never been that honest, honestly.
*fake gasp* but how do you know i'm not lying about not being honest?
anyway, let me tell you all where i've been. so last time you heard from me, i was heading off to tennessee to visit my dad and brother, yeah?
*nod* yeah, umhm.
so i'll tell you about that first. it was pretty awesome. my brother gabe's band just keeps getting better! i really think that they should get discovered, but who knows. maybe one day they will.
*blushes* also, the lead singer of my brothers band, jay, has this really hot girlfriend.
yeah, her name's gina and she's so goddamn pretty. but that's really a footnote in the story of where i've been for the last 36 days.
*eyes widen* have i really been gone that long? wow.
anyway. i tried to teach gabe some skateboarding tricks, but he sucked at it. i guess he should stick with piano and keyboard. but it still resulted in lots of good memories and good times.
*thumbs up* and everyone got along which is good.
usually they do, but the christmas of 2007, my mom and gabe got in a really big fight and we almost had to leave early. but it all turned out okay. it was quite like a lifetime movie, really.
*focusing* but another story, another post.
so not much huge and exciting happened there, but seeing my family was really great. i think in the future i will have many "one time while i was in tennessee..." moments in posts, so don't be surprised.
*flapping hands at nothing* oh wait, wait, wait!
the guitarist for gabe's band, justin, sneaked me away so i could go to this mega bisexual party with him. it was awesome! and i totally got to play spin the bottle. i used to think it was stupid, but now i think it's stupid that we ever stopped.
*looks dreamy* and i met this really awesome girl, chloe, too.
we talked for awhile and we got numbers and all that jazz. she's seventeen, but i will be in november, too.
*looks amazed* wow. can you believe i'm turning 17?
and the good news is, i didn't get drunk. i just got a little love drunk.
*laugh* gotta throw in my boys like girls puns!
i have a major crush on chloe. but she said that she would come up to luray for my birthday so i'll see her there. i'm hoping to get her to come sooner, but we'll see.
*claps hands together* anyway. let's keep moving.
so i got back on the 18th as expected. no problem there. lily-pagan was thrilled to see me, also as expected. so that's all for tennessee. but don't worry, there's many more stories to come.
*smiles ear to ear* hold onto your socks, ladies and gentlemen, because my next story is bound to knock 'em off!
alright. so as some of you know, september first was LP's sweet sixteen. she didn't plan a party because she likes to pretend she's not getting older.
*pats LP on the back* sorry, but we both know it's true.
so i planned to go to her house on her birthday, but she came to my house first. let me explain. so here i am, sound asleep, when lily-pagan comes bounding into my room and pounces on my bed. she says "annie, annie, wake up! have you ever been to minnesota?" and i grumbled "hell no. what time is it?" and she throws this thing at me. i pick it up and what is it?
*scream* tickets to see the american idols LIVE in minneapolis, minnesota!!!
the next part is pretty embarrassing, actually. i literally started crying. not faking. REAL HUMAN TEARS. i was like crying my eyes out i was so happy and excited. then she pulled me out of bed and informed me that i needed to get dressed because we were flying out of luray in an hour. more tears.
*hysteric laughter* gives me chills just thinking about it.
so we flew there, blah blah blah, and we got to stay in a really awesome hotel. just the three of us. me, lily-pagan and LP's mom. i'm pretty much like her second daughter, so there was no awkwardness staying in the same room and stuff.
*thinking about that giant bed* and it was a king sized bed. way cool.
we went to the mall of america and walked around for awhile, but we still had to get to the concert at seven. there was some major cool stuff, and i got another pair of converse. there ones are red high tops, though. my other ones being those sexy yellow ones.
*wink* just like alex evans has.
then of course we went to the AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE CONCERT with ass kicking floor seats. i thought i was gonna die. i mean, i've been to plenty concerts before, but these were the american idols! i saw my boys, kris and adam. and everyone else was pretty good too.
*fans herself* and wowsa, you should've seen adam! grinding the mic stand and thrusting and everything!
if we would've had time (and an extra ticket) i would've flown to colorado and picked up emma because i know how much she likes adam. i would've been so cool to have her there, too.
*boo boo lip* sorry emma.
we got to take a train back from the concert which was cool, too. i kept thinking about that scene in that nicholas cage movie (knowing) which made the whole ride kind of nervous making, but it was so damn cool.
*heavy eyes* but i was SO tired.
so we got back to the hotel and immediately passed out. sleeping for a few hours, then taking off in the morning. it was full on one of the best days of my life and one of the best concerts, too!
*thinking back to september 24, 2007* the best concert being when i saw warped tour in virginia beach back in 07.
that was really superhumanly awesome too. all time low, paramore and most importantly BOYS LIKE GIRLS. boys like girls was amazing live and i love martin johnson uber much.
*looks smug* so THAT's where i've been. see? suddenly posting seems like it was on the bottom on my to-do list.
but i'm back on blogger and hopefully i'll start posting more. it's true. when i'm posting, i'm always thinking "wow, i love to post! why don't i do this more often?" but then about a month later i'm like "oh, i should post, shouldn't i?"
*feeling apologetic* my apologies, everyone who counts on my blog.
so, i've got one more story before i go. i would like to officially like to say that i'm in love with boys like girls. i mean, i've liked them since 2006, when their debut album came out. but now i'm obsessed! i really like their music and i think the lyrics are really good. plus, martin johnson is really hot. and he's got these heart-piercing bedroom eyes.
*drool* serious. they're amazing.
i'm really like their music. the lyrics are really good and the way martin johnson sings it is really heartfelt. i'm getting my copy of love drunk tomorrow. score!
*looks up at the extremely lengthy post* well, i think it's about time to wrap things up.
but before i go, i've gotta be thorough and announce the must watch-see-hear. as if you all don't know what it is.
*opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
um... Love Drunk! Boys Like Girls sophomore album, of course! seriously, if it's even half as good as the first one and if the music videos and as hot as the ones they've already done, then it's worth it. got buy it! out tomorrow.
*sigh* so i guess i must bid you all farewell.
i will try to post again soon, but i won't make any promises since apparently i suck at those. expect more tales for minnesota on anastasia and lily-pagan's box of chocolates. but for now, i'm over and out! come see me at twitter, gmail or facebook!
*vulcan hand* live long and prosper.

live, love, boys like girls

PS: i finally bought and ate an exotic melon from the market down the street! it was totally a cantaloupe. what a rip off.
PSS: check out! it's martin johnson from boys like girls blog. he's really funny! [and adorable]