April 22, 2009


Date: April 22
Mood: lazy
Listening To: 'Waking Up In Vegas' by Katy Perry
Famous People Born Today: 1923 Aaron Spelling, 1935 Jack Nicholson, 1966 Jeffery Dean Morgan (from Supernatural!!), 1967 Sheyrl Lee, 1967 Sherri Shepherd


hello again guys! another sorry stretch that i didn't post...
*melancholy sigh* so sad...
well things have actually started picking up around here so let's get the weather report out of the way...
*wearing a weatherman coat* currently, it is 47 degrees and cloudy in luray. hometown of anastasia zigantai.
yesh, i DID just refer to myself in third person!
*clears her throat* anyway... let's focus here!
yes, let's focus on what's really important here!
*excited squeal* idol night!
so let's get the business! it was disco night and admittedly i really hate disco and was a little pissed about the theme but it actually turned about pretty smoking hot!
*nodding, proud of herself* yes, i will admit i was wrong.
i won't give any lily-pagan like full idol report but all in all, kris was magnificent, allison was spectacular and adam was glorious.
*puts on her matt hat* but the biggest props?
matt giraud's "stayin' alive!" it was JT-fabulous! no, i'm not kidding i was like "justin timberlake? is that you??" but NO it was matt!
*cheesy smile* which is a good thing since i like matt a lot more than justin timberlake...
then of course the results show was tonight. i was kind of confident that all my favorites would stay so it was all good there but let me tell you...
*shivers* just the memory...
the creepy "disco legends" medley made me wanna look away and mute the TV! i don't understand why they bring back these walking corpse singers to sing on idol! they just make fools of themselves!
*fake crying* whoa is me! so sad!
but i was totally in love with the disco collaboration that paula choreographed! oh my gawd, it was awesome! at first when they all came out all i could think was "WHOA!! that shirt is NOT staying on adam!" because it was falling off the guy but then i got distracted...
*drooling* kris allen's pimp outfit...
F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! he looked really good in it! so pimping, but good. and they all had to wear big sunglasses which was really funny! all and all, this was a major season 8 highlight.
*jumping up and down* and i saw my bromance boys kris and matt doing loads of bromantic fun stuff!
of course, i'm sure LP started getting annoyed when i started pointing out whenever kradam was on stage together being cute.
*evil smile* maybe i didn't mention, but know i'm obsessed with kris and adam as a pairing!
see? i wasn't lying when i said i make way more gay pairings then straight! but let's get onto another idol highlight...
yessss!! i was so happy! i started clapping and i was like "yes! buh-bye anoop!" so sorry to any anoop fans but i was ECSTATIC.
*coughs a few times* okay, let's just move past idol and try to avoid me getting really hyper over kris's pimp outfit...
LP and me have been really dropping the ball on box of chocolates because we should've posted like two weeks ago but we've been busy...
*pish posh hand wave* but i guess that's what everyone says...
so anyway, i'm a little depressed that my last post only got 3 comments...
*shrugs* but that's pretty good so whatever.
seriously, i love getting comments so i always try to comment on my friends blogs and other blogs i like.
*winks* it's karma!
oh my goose! i have the bestest story!
*flapping her hands at nothing* oh my gosh! i can't believe it!
so here i am, bored as hell. so i decide that i'm gonna check nathaniel's myspace just to make sure he's doing ok. (nathaniel + anastasia forever, right DCas?) so i was loading the page... but then...
*chibi look of shock* it had the little "online now" blurb!
so i was like "zomg!! nathaniel's on his myspace right now!!" i was so freaking out!
*slumps in a doomed way* but alas and alack...
when i texted lily-pagan to tell her that he was online she was like "did you take a picture of the screen??" and i was no "NO!!!" so i went back to his myspace page but by then he was offline...
*crying, reaching at the screen* nooooo!! nathaniel!
but wait! there's more! so i go back on his myspace the next night and... lucky day! he was online! and i was like "i am NOT missing this!" and CLICK! now i have a screencap proving that i was indeed on his myspace at the same time as him!
*makes a heart with her hands* and he uploaded more pictures! splee!
speaking of me and nathaniel, i could really afford to post on bohemian rhapsody, too.
*nervously rubbing the back of her head* all in good time...?
so anywho, i started taking a bunch of classes at different outlets for homeschoolers. i was supposed to go to web design yesterday, but i'm considering dropping the class.
*picks up a scroll, reading it* i currently take a class on web design, theater, social justice, creative writing, and more theater. well then i have around the world cooking club and apples to apples club so there's always that...
it's not that many classes, really. but it certainly keeps me busy. i have theater on most days and i take two creative writing classes. busy, busy...
*looks apologetic* see? i really am busy!
but let's get back to classes. there's this girl who's convinced we're friends but really all she does is slap me around and diss me but i can't mouth off with her because she's off medication for absolutely no reason!
*cold wind blows by* crazy victoria...
but worst of all, she's obsessed with adam lambert! you don't know how hard it is to like him when every 6 seconds victoria's like "oh my gawd!! adam!!" she seriously reminds me of tatiana de toro...
*comparing the two in her mind* wouldn't you say, LP?
LP, too, has the misfortune of being victimized by crazy victoria. and believe me, we really really try to avoid her.
*shivers* she has like anastasia radar, i swear...
but all that aside, i have a bunch of classes with nicole, lily-pagan, jayk and dana (my primary people!) which is shweet.
and i'm still feeling empty since there was no dollhouse last friday due to prison break!
*angry mob going after cast of prison break* damn you, prison break!
but dollhouse will be back on friday. yay!
*looks deep in thought* so what else is there to talk about...?
well, i've got nothing else to say and i've surely rambled long enough to keep you satisfied! time for the must watch-see-hear!
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
Purple Banditos! a blog by my gurlie, DCas!! it's only two chapters in but it's promising for real! and DCas is amazing! don't forget to tell her that!
*smiles brightly* smile Devin Caster! we love you!
so yesh, that's about all... check out that blog soon, you won't be sorry!
*Logan Jay/Kris point* hell yesh, i'm advertising you, D!
hope everyone's doing okay and feel free to comment! i lurv comments, remember that!
*victorious pose* let the good times roll!!

live, love, lady gaga

PS: look forward to a special edition post about me and LP's homeschooling group on Anastasia and Lily-Pagan's Box of Chocolates! coming soon!
PSS: first post i've ended with an action. shweet.
PSSS: sorry i made a blog-o! i had to post this twice...

April 7, 2009

shazam! you are not a kindly grandmother!

Date: April 7
Mood: overly happy
Listening To: 'Made of Steel' by Our Lady Peace
Famous People Born Today: 1915 Billie Holiday, 1939 Francis Ford Coppola, 1964 Russell Crowe, 1954 Jackie Chan


hey! i'm posting again and it hasn't been a million years!
*puts on her pimp glasses, nods* yesh, i want my props now.
well, this time i actually have stuff to say so let's get the luray weather report out of the way...
*wearing a weatherman coat* currently it is 38 degrees and cloudy here in luray, virginia.
yesh, the weather has been pretty decent lately.
*staring up at the stars* ah... stars still make me think of all time low...
so as you may know... tonight was idol night which 1) means that LP got to come over and watch idol on my hidef and 2) i got to watch the most amazing show ever!
*cocks her head to the side* well dollhouse dominates my thoughts, too...
anyway! songs from the year you were born, eh? it was... alright.
*raincloud overhead* yeah... just "alright."
well the first 5 were danny gokey, kris allen, lil rounds, anoop desai (*hiss*) and scott macintyre.
*boo boo lip* and it was seriously a major drag...
don't get me wrong, i love kris, and he was good (win, win) but seriously...
*rainbow off in the distance* and then the good stuff came!
allison iraheta, matt giruad and adam lambert. no sheeyit, the other 5 were like the opening act for these three.
*holding up letters on poster board* A-M-A-Z-I-N-G amazing!
finally the judges actually said something to allison about her voice and not that she dresses crazy...
*shaking her head* the judges just don't understand scene or emo...
but tonight was good, all in all. still want anoop sent home. but what else is now?
*tapping her chin, thinking* hmm... what else?
oh yes! you know, i realized that it's been 4 or 5 posts since i talked about nathaniel!
*gasps* shocking!
but yes. i'm still following his road to stardom with admiration...
*dreamy sigh* oh nathaniel...
according to his myspace [my personal heaven] he moved to vermont and is saving money to move to new york city or LA!
*eyes sparkle* how bohemian rhapsody of him!
and he just added A LOT more pictures to his myspace which is awesome for me x]
*points up* you see? that's HIM in the post pic!
so for anyone who didn't know, i used nathaniel to play matt in bohemian rhapsody one of my other blogs!
*big smile* yeah, all of the people that follow that blog say they like the chemistry between maria and matt. score!
nathaniel is probably my number 1 musical inspiration. yesh, he's amazing.
*salesman smile* check out bohemian rhapsody if you can!
so anyway, LP and me finally made our together blog!
*winks* shout out to DCas, our first follower!!
and you can check it out here. we make a pretty commercial dynamic so i'm hoping we make a good blogging duo.
*clapping her hands, proud of herself* it's still sort of a work in progress, though...
so anyhow. only a few people may remember this...
*eyes widen, gasps* zomg i mentioned it in my 7th post on december 7th, 2008...
so yeah. there's this girl named isabelle in my homeschooling group [yesh, i'm homeschooled] who is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!
*kicking the dirt* sorry, i dunno if she'd want her picture being put up here...
but you'll just have to believe me. so anyway, isabelle is my current crush. yes, i still think crushes are naive but i can't help it.
*blushes, toothy smile* sorry if it makes anyone uncomfortable, but i'm bi.
so isabelle's birthday is friday so i'm making her cookies and buying her a stuffed animal [she likes those sorts of things] and giving it to her as a birthday present.
*nodding, proud of herself* yeah, i'm a good crush.
but the weirdest and most awkward thing is... i'm 16. she's 13. well, she's turning 14 but she's still so young and pure. it makes me feel a lot older...
*hangs her head* but the worst part has to be...
she's straight. yes, my girl crush [isabelle] is straight and my guy crush [nathaniel] is gay.
*hits her head on her desk* wow, am i lucky or what?
i'm still counting on meeting nathaniel someday and hopefully someday soon! now that the idol craziness is calming down, his fan girls are dropping like flies but NO! i'm still loyal!
*imitating nathan scott of one tree hill* always and forever.
well, well. i think i've babbled long enough. time to wrap things up with anastasia's must watch-see-hear!
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
maybe i'm dreaming! an album from little known owl city! yesh, they are awesome!
*sexy actor glasses fwip with her queemo glasses* and this time, you seriously should try them out. i'm not kidding.
wish me luck this upcoming week! i hope everyone's doing ok! ciao x]

live, love, breathe carolina

PS: just something to ponder, but do i use the "nodding, proud of herself" action every post??
PSS: i just started reading this blog but she deserves a major shout out! it's one of my favorites already! click here to check it out. and trust me, you should.

April 3, 2009

the book of love will long be laughing after you are dead

Date: April 3
Mood: hyper
Listening To: 'Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks' by Panic! At The Disco
Famous People Born Today: 1924 Marlon Brando, 1924 Doris Day, 1958 Alec Baldwin, 1961 Eddie Murphy, 1986 Amanda Bynes,


sorry, i'm being a slacker about blogging...
*looks sad* it's almost been a week since my last post!
and i'd be lying if i said i was busy i've just been majorly procrastinating because i have nothing to say!
*looks hopeful* nevertheless! i'll find something to say!
so let's start with the weather. ah, yes... the weather.
*wearing a weatherman outfit* it's currently 57 degrees and cloudy here in luray.
you know what occurred to me lately? when i just say "here in luray" it probably means nothing to you guys!
*loading a gun* but don't any cyber stalkers get cocky!
luray is a small-ish town outside of virginia beach. i live close to the beach so when i weather's nice, i go to the beach a lot.
*flapping her hands* yeah, i love it here!
so anyway. recently one of things i've been talking about is me and LP making a blog together.
*nodding, proud of herself* umhm. good news there.
we've officially decided to do it! i'm in the middle of actually making the blog but i'll post a link on my sidebar as soon as i have it done!
*shrugs* besides, LP is over so often it's easy for us.
IN FACT! i can see lily-pagan right now!
*waving* hiya, lily-pagan!
yeah, we live really close by. we're not neighbors or anything but i can walk to her house pretty effortlessly.
*fan girl hearts overhead* yeah, life is sweet.
she's watching some of my terminator: the sarah connor chronicles DVDs because she thinks thomas dekker (the guy who plays john connor in that) is hot.
*laughs* but she has a weak stomach so she probably won't be able to handle them melting terminators and stuff...
ah well. so anyway, i added some new stuff to my mixpod!
*listening to mixpod, absentmindedly bobbing her head* yeah, i'm obsessed with it.
i added a bunch more owl city, a couple more evanesance songs, a sarah mclaughlin song, and another all time low song.
*listening to fuzzy blue lights* yeah, i LOVE owl city!
not that i think any of you listen to my mixpod anyway... ah well. it's the thought that counts!
*long silence* you know, i have absolutely nothing to say...
oh yeah! you know what REALLY pushes my buttons?? how apparently every "i'm hopelessly in love with some guy and he doesn't notice wah wah wah" story adopts love story by taylor swift as it's "song!"
*fake crying* don't you love me?? it's a love story baby just say yes!
as if that song wasn't obnoxious enough when i was just every 3rd song on the radio now everyone dubs it to some freaky crush of theirs!
*glares* ok, nathaniel and i DON'T have a song so i have no sympathy!
i never really understood giving people and relationships "songs." i mean, what if you really like a song, you tell yourself that it's you and your boyfriends song, and then you break up? you basically just ruined a song...
*sighs, anxiously tapping her fingers* alright, now i'm out of stuff to say...
urm... what can i say? life is boring!
*light bulb overhead* oh yeah!
baseball season started today!
*terminator sunglasses* bet'cha didn't know i was a baseball fan, huh?
well i am. i like the red sox! there's not a team in virginia and the closest one to me is the nationals who totally suck so this time i'm a front runner.
*sticks out her tongue* but wait! there's more!
i actually made a gay pairing out of two of the red sox. you know, it takes a truly gay loving person to do that.
*makes a heart with her hands* jacoby ellsbury and dustin pedroia.
yesh. they are awesome and very heterosexual. but then again, i pair straight guys all the time.
*using binoculars* so i'll be watching for ducoby encounters!
ok, now i'll get the post picture. last year i really wanted to go see the red hot chili peppers on tour because they were in virginia, not too far from luray.
*chibbi sweat drop* but when i asked my mom if i could go...
she of course said no. now, for anyone who doesn't know about the red hot chili peppers this may sound surprising...
*evil smile* anthony keidis (lead singer) is famous from exposing his junk on stage.
so needless to say, i never got to see them live. but why do i mention this story?
*Logan Jay point* it's good, real good.
i'm totally waiting for adam lambert to expose his goodies live on american idol!
*waving her hands* no no no! it's not that i want to see his goodies!
it's more just that i'm expecting him to do so which would be HILARIOUS!
*bites her finger, wrinkles her nose* and some 16 year old girl part of me kind of looks forward to that...
ok! now on that uncomfortable note, it's time for the must watch-see-hear!
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
dog tags! yes, another movie about gay guys. but i LOVE gay guys and the story is really nice.
*squeals, then covers her mouth* ok. this will only make sense to LP i warn you now...
the leading character is "sexually confused" NATE who goes off to the military and meets reckless and carefree andy.
*fake gasp* yeah, hot gay guys in the military. it's groundbreaking!
but there's this underlying plot about nate's dad and his own identity which i pretty interesting...
*winks* nate and andy are a lot like stray dogs, hence the movie's name "dog tags"
but seriously, it's GOOD. go out and order it from netflix!
*clears her throat* but it's NOT a homophobic's movie, believe me.
so that's all for now. since i didn't say much relevant in this post, you should be seeing another post soon!
*clapping* and me and LP's blog should be done and have it's first post up soon!
gotta go watch dollhouse off my DVR! toodles!

live, love, the cab

PS: DCas you need to post on your blog and fix the comments for me! lol
PSS: anthony keidis -> LP has to drive lmao (inside joke)