April 3, 2009

the book of love will long be laughing after you are dead

Date: April 3
Mood: hyper
Listening To: 'Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks' by Panic! At The Disco
Famous People Born Today: 1924 Marlon Brando, 1924 Doris Day, 1958 Alec Baldwin, 1961 Eddie Murphy, 1986 Amanda Bynes,


sorry, i'm being a slacker about blogging...
*looks sad* it's almost been a week since my last post!
and i'd be lying if i said i was busy i've just been majorly procrastinating because i have nothing to say!
*looks hopeful* nevertheless! i'll find something to say!
so let's start with the weather. ah, yes... the weather.
*wearing a weatherman outfit* it's currently 57 degrees and cloudy here in luray.
you know what occurred to me lately? when i just say "here in luray" it probably means nothing to you guys!
*loading a gun* but don't any cyber stalkers get cocky!
luray is a small-ish town outside of virginia beach. i live close to the beach so when i weather's nice, i go to the beach a lot.
*flapping her hands* yeah, i love it here!
so anyway. recently one of things i've been talking about is me and LP making a blog together.
*nodding, proud of herself* umhm. good news there.
we've officially decided to do it! i'm in the middle of actually making the blog but i'll post a link on my sidebar as soon as i have it done!
*shrugs* besides, LP is over so often it's easy for us.
IN FACT! i can see lily-pagan right now!
*waving* hiya, lily-pagan!
yeah, we live really close by. we're not neighbors or anything but i can walk to her house pretty effortlessly.
*fan girl hearts overhead* yeah, life is sweet.
she's watching some of my terminator: the sarah connor chronicles DVDs because she thinks thomas dekker (the guy who plays john connor in that) is hot.
*laughs* but she has a weak stomach so she probably won't be able to handle them melting terminators and stuff...
ah well. so anyway, i added some new stuff to my mixpod!
*listening to mixpod, absentmindedly bobbing her head* yeah, i'm obsessed with it.
i added a bunch more owl city, a couple more evanesance songs, a sarah mclaughlin song, and another all time low song.
*listening to fuzzy blue lights* yeah, i LOVE owl city!
not that i think any of you listen to my mixpod anyway... ah well. it's the thought that counts!
*long silence* you know, i have absolutely nothing to say...
oh yeah! you know what REALLY pushes my buttons?? how apparently every "i'm hopelessly in love with some guy and he doesn't notice wah wah wah" story adopts love story by taylor swift as it's "song!"
*fake crying* don't you love me?? it's a love story baby just say yes!
as if that song wasn't obnoxious enough when i was just every 3rd song on the radio now everyone dubs it to some freaky crush of theirs!
*glares* ok, nathaniel and i DON'T have a song so i have no sympathy!
i never really understood giving people and relationships "songs." i mean, what if you really like a song, you tell yourself that it's you and your boyfriends song, and then you break up? you basically just ruined a song...
*sighs, anxiously tapping her fingers* alright, now i'm out of stuff to say...
urm... what can i say? life is boring!
*light bulb overhead* oh yeah!
baseball season started today!
*terminator sunglasses* bet'cha didn't know i was a baseball fan, huh?
well i am. i like the red sox! there's not a team in virginia and the closest one to me is the nationals who totally suck so this time i'm a front runner.
*sticks out her tongue* but wait! there's more!
i actually made a gay pairing out of two of the red sox. you know, it takes a truly gay loving person to do that.
*makes a heart with her hands* jacoby ellsbury and dustin pedroia.
yesh. they are awesome and very heterosexual. but then again, i pair straight guys all the time.
*using binoculars* so i'll be watching for ducoby encounters!
ok, now i'll get the post picture. last year i really wanted to go see the red hot chili peppers on tour because they were in virginia, not too far from luray.
*chibbi sweat drop* but when i asked my mom if i could go...
she of course said no. now, for anyone who doesn't know about the red hot chili peppers this may sound surprising...
*evil smile* anthony keidis (lead singer) is famous from exposing his junk on stage.
so needless to say, i never got to see them live. but why do i mention this story?
*Logan Jay point* it's good, real good.
i'm totally waiting for adam lambert to expose his goodies live on american idol!
*waving her hands* no no no! it's not that i want to see his goodies!
it's more just that i'm expecting him to do so which would be HILARIOUS!
*bites her finger, wrinkles her nose* and some 16 year old girl part of me kind of looks forward to that...
ok! now on that uncomfortable note, it's time for the must watch-see-hear!
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
dog tags! yes, another movie about gay guys. but i LOVE gay guys and the story is really nice.
*squeals, then covers her mouth* ok. this will only make sense to LP i warn you now...
the leading character is "sexually confused" NATE who goes off to the military and meets reckless and carefree andy.
*fake gasp* yeah, hot gay guys in the military. it's groundbreaking!
but there's this underlying plot about nate's dad and his own identity which i pretty interesting...
*winks* nate and andy are a lot like stray dogs, hence the movie's name "dog tags"
but seriously, it's GOOD. go out and order it from netflix!
*clears her throat* but it's NOT a homophobic's movie, believe me.
so that's all for now. since i didn't say much relevant in this post, you should be seeing another post soon!
*clapping* and me and LP's blog should be done and have it's first post up soon!
gotta go watch dollhouse off my DVR! toodles!

live, love, the cab

PS: DCas you need to post on your blog and fix the comments for me! lol
PSS: anthony keidis -> LP has to drive lmao (inside joke)

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Just a girl name said...

red hot chili peppers sound interesting lol
why would u want to see someones goodies * ~raises one eyebrow~* LOL JK

devin caster said...

I have been trying to figure it out!
It makes no sense why my comments wont let people comment(wow what an awkward sentence...)

But off that note, you are really random. Haha, But I Love You anyways!


P.S. As you can see I've grown to like my new nickname.
P.S.S. I really like Bohemian Rapshody. ITs romantic and funny.
P.S.S.S I'm a writer, if you want to read any of my stuff, just tell me(if I can fix my blog)

anni[eek!]. said...

i know right?! blogger's block ~_~

rolling stone; that's the shit right thurr(:

i made a blog with my friend too, once. but she's never on, so we haven't posted ):

nice post(:

devin caster said...

I created a new blog.
I couldnt fix the old one :/
Ah darn.
haha, check out my new one.