March 28, 2009

down and to the left

Date: March 28
Mood: Bored
Listening To: 'Rainbow Veins' by Owl City
Famous People Born Today: 1948 Dianne Weist, 1955 Reba McEntire, 1970 Vince Vaughn, 1981 Julia Stiles


do you think it's a little sad the a 16 year old girl is sitting at home on a saturday night with NOTHING to do?
*hair flip, sparkles come out* and i'm not just ANY 16 year old!
but seriously. i have nothing to do...
*shrugs* except post here, i guess
nah, i love you guys. lots of love to my followers and any other regular readers x]
*thumbs up* bracket smilies are the new frontier!
so now i will tell you the luray weather report brought to you by anastasia!
*tapping papers on a desk, wearing a weatherman suit* currently there is a thunderstorm and i'm praying that the power doesn't go out and kill my post.
lol yeah, i just have to update you on the weather.
*gears ticking* i guess i have a few regular subjects. the luray weather and the must watch-see-hear... hm.
so i have recently discovered that there's only ONE THING that can take my mind completely off american idol.
*gasps* really? what?
DOLLHOUSE! it's the coolest show ever!!
*chibbi sweat drop* no, i'm not kidding. ask LP, i'm really obsessed...
does anybody watch it? if not you should.
*clears her throat* well, it WAS my last must watch-see-hear...
my favorites on the show are...

VICTOR (Enver Djokaj)
Victor is one of the dolls (and by far the best doll!) opposite Echo (Eliza Dushku) and Sierra (Dichen Lachman). but he's still the best doll. in the first few episodes they don't say he's a doll, instead he's targeted by Ballard to find out more about the dollhouse as Lubov. it was a majorly cool plot twist when it turned out he was a doll. i think he's kinda cute and i adore his accent! also, victor and sierra made my list of pairings on my last post. they're so cute. the doll love is so sweet and pure.
Topher is the guy who imprints the dolls with their personalities for the engagements. he's some sort of genius and works for the dollhouse. he's super funny! the episode 'gray hour' he's soooooo hilarious! you see, victor has a... man reaction to sierra but the dolls aren't supposed to have hormones and stuff. he tells dr. claire saunders and while she's interested and wants to go back through the shower tapes, topher is discomforted and off put by the whole thing. lol he's so funny! i love topher <3
AGENT PAUL BALLARD (Tohmoh Penikett)
he's an agent trying to find out more about the dollhouse. although his investigation costs him his marriage, the trust of the people he works with and ultimately gets him suspended, he continues to look for answers about the dollhouse. his cute, mousy, crushed out neighbor, Mellie, ultimately has a relationship with him but after she's almost killed, she blames Ballard and skips town. but before she leaves town, she tells Ballard to leave the dollhouse case alone. of course, Mellie is actually a doll, too so... i wouldn't trust her. but Ballard and Mellie are very cute together. and Ballard's a bad ass which i LOVE lol
*panting* yeah, well that's all i've got to say about dollhouse...
for now that is lol.
*claps her hands together* oh yeah! you know what?
LP and i are contemplating making a blog together! i think it would be fun...
*uncle sam points* what do YOU think??
most of my followers also follow LP's blog so... just wondering!
*tapping her chin* hmm... well i can't think of much else to say...
oh yeah! i wanted to shout out to LP, DCas, and Yeirka (hope i spelled your name right! eek!) for following Bohemian Rhapsody (my online story)
*confetti falls* thanks guys!!
my writing is actually usually a lot more bloody and depressing. but i thought i try my hand a teen love story!
*Terminator glasses* but will Matt and Maria get together? you'll NEVER know...
until i write more of the story that is... ah well
*brushing her hands together to get the dust off* well, time to wrap things up with the must watch-see-hear...
damn, i already used dollhouse... well... lemme think...
*holds up a sign that says "PLEASE HOLD", time passes*
ok, sorry!
*opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
a lesson in romantics! an album from mayday parade (post title is lyrics from 'jamie all over' an awesome song by them)
*winks* so go check some songs out on iTunes! or just surf through my mixpod until you see 'jamie all over' or 'miserable at best'!
thanks for reading everyone! i'll try and post again REAL soon x]

live, love, vampire weekend

PS: i still can't comment on your blog, DCas! sorry for the lack of comments! :[
PSS: i posted a link to my online story on my side bar for anyone interested! also, my email address is on my sidebar if anybody wants to drop me a fan mail x] lol

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Lily-Pagan said...

lol YES
Topher and Dr. Claire in 'Gray Hour' was just TOO hilarious!!
and yes. i think you should start a blog with LP! she's very cool B-]
~LP <321

Jillian said...

Hehe! LOL totally start that blog! I was telling LP that if you ever wanted to extend your bff blog, I'm sure Devin & I would love it! But I get it. Em and I have our own blog, you should have yours. Although the blog we share is more like a newspaper/mag thing. Whatever. Peace, J

devin caster said...

Well Darn!
Haha JK

anni[eek!]. said...

aha, i'm glad you appreciate me.
[it's a happy day when my idolees still idolize me XD]
no thunderstorms where i am. *looks around* but there's a whole lot of rain. unfortunately.
[doesn't matter what you say, i will never surrender to bracket smiliessss !]

Just a girl name said...

Are u kidding np both ur blogs are GOOD
my fave is Miserable At Best!!!
Hope u write soon
P.s. u did spell it write ( get it lol not funny )

G r a c i ε ಌ said...

I have never seen dollhouse! I will be sure to watch it the next time it comes on.

YOU SHOULD START THAT BLOG. oops sorry caps lock! lol.

anyway,adam lambert rocks and I am pissed that Alexis Grace got kicked off!

Nice writing! Keep up the good work! :]

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