March 24, 2009

take me back to the age of innocence

Date: March 24
Mood: hungry
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hello again! well after saying i was gonna try to be a better blogger, it's been almost a whole WEEK since i posted...
*rain cloud overhead* that's a little depressing...
ah well. i usually inform you guys on the weather here in luray.
*wearing a weatherman outfit* well right now it's 36 degrees and cloudy in luray, virginia
don't ask me why i always inform you about whatever the weather is like here...
*clears her throat* wow now i remember why i haven't posted in so long!
it's so boring here! it's like night of the living dead...
*big sigh* ah well...
well i still have to be a good blogger so let's talk about the only thing i know!
*rolls her eyes* umhm, you probably guessed it...
american idol. tomorrow is the beginning of mowtown week. did i mention i HATE it when they do all that non-current stuff?? it's not only non-current, it's like to 60s!
*zombies walking around outside* hello idol! this is 2009!
i mean, nevertheless adam will probably be amazing but they'll talk up danny gokey anyway...
*eye twitches* danny is good but the judges endlessly kissing his butt it starting to really bother me...
no offense to all you danny gokey fans! he's just not my cup of tea.
*counting with her head* well it's not that i don't like him... forget it!
maybe it's just because i know the finale will be danny gokey and adam lambert...
*flapping her arms* i love adam more than is good for me!
anyway, i think it's time we move past american idol. at least for a moment or two...
*evil laugh* mwah ha ha!
oh jeez, what do i have to talk about other than idol?
*pacing around* let's see... what's new... *light bulb lights* oh yeah!
i started an online book for no other reason than LP and DCas (that's my new nickname for devin caster!) believe in me!
*nodding proud of herself* but don't get too excited. i haven't posted anything yet...
so anyway, here's a quick introduction. it's called bohemian rhapsody. it's about best friends named maria and matt who both want to be singers but live in a small town. so inspired by singer emmi jules road to stardom, matt decides that he wants to run away with maria to new york city so they can have a better chance of being discovered. maria's unsure about the plan but after she gets in a fight with her parents she calls matt up, crying, and agrees to go with him. matt drives to her house in the middle of the night and maria sneaks out meet him, her bags in tow. they then run away to new york city together where they share a small apartment. and this is only the beginning!
*kicking at the ground* yeah, it's pretty teeny bopper...
but i'll try to fill it out more in the writing, really!
*giggles* but the best part is...
the two main characters, maria and matt are played by me and nathaniel marshall!
*winks* you haven't heard the last from nanastasia!
yes, i'm really a good little fan girl.
*halo overhead* i'm still starstruck by nathaniel...
hey! as long as i've got nothing to say let's cover some of my new pairings!

BRENDON URIE & RYAN ROSS: one of the coolest gay pairing ever. seriously. love panic, love gay guys. it's a win win.

SPIKE & DRUSCILLA: from buffy the vampire slayer. they're so cute! lol i love spike! and druscilla is so cute when she does her puppy dog whine!

LUCAS SCOTT & HALEY JAMES SCOTT: from one tree hill. i wanted them to be a pairing since before she married nathan. but seriously they would be hawt.

VICTOR & SIERRA: from dollhouse which i'm now completely obsessed with! the adorable doll love is so cute and pure!

NATE BATEMAN & PENELOPE: lol you're not supposed to know what it means unless you're LP. ain't it true, lily??

well sounds like it's about time for the must watch-see-hear.
*drumroll, opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
dollhouse friday nights on FOX! yup, it's the new Joss Whedon show but it's simply amazing! and you have to see victor and sierra!
*eating berry berry kix* hot damn, i think i've got the munchies... *clears her throat* anyway...
that's all for now! check out bohemian rhapsody if you'd like!
*terminator sunglasses* i'll post a link when i actually write a chapter.
vote for adam tomorrow! lol, nah i'm only kidding.
*pish posh hand wave* i don't wanna sound like i'm hawking him on my blog.
don't stop believing! hope all my followers are doing ok! ciao XD

live, love, cute is what we aim for

PS: devin caster invented magical puerto rican man (the nickname for voted off american idol contestant jorge nunez)
PSS: i can't comment on your blog, DCas, because you're comments won't let me! you should tweak the settings i used to have that problem. ain't no thang ;]

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•bLue-eyed sOuL• said... post!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

I need to tell you that your profile pik is amazing !!! :)
It's very hot out here :D

anni[eek!]. said...

your posts always have something different. and for that, i applaud you. not too bad, not posting for almost a week. i always post once a week, usually.

go gay couples! (;

36 degrees in Virginia? aha, i don't even have to wear a coat anymore; and i love in Northern IL. XD

Just a girl name said...

of course BETTER blogger can mean many things but i think that you are a perfectly fine blogger
Keep Blogging!

devin caster said...

Haha, I see now..
I'll see what I can do.
And I think I am going to LOVE, your online story. *thumbs up*

And, THANK YOU for FINALLY crediting me for "Magic Puerto Rican Man". I'm relieved now.
Love Ya!;D