March 18, 2009

do you feel LUCKY? well... do ya?

Date: March 18
Mood: anxious
Listening To: 'Still Around' by 3oh3
Famous People Born Today: 1932 John Updike, 1963 Vanessa Williams, 1970 Queen Latifah, 1972 Dane Cook


first of all i just wanted to say happy birthday to Queen Latifah and Dane Cook!
*confetti falls* happy birthday!
they're two of my greatest idol's ever! they're truly and undoubtedly awesome!
*nodding, proud of herself* yeah, they're just too cool.
so anywhosle, tonight was the american idol results show but let us first back track to last nights performance show.
*winces* i can only imagine what you're about to say...
adam lambert's nine inch nails 'ring of fire'
*tapping her chin* hmmm...
i thought it was... overwhelmingly, unbelievably, one might even say surreally sexy!!
*fanning herself* did anyone just feel a heat wave?
my mom actually had to look away it was so uncomfortable and she described it as "the sountrack to dirty sex."
*laughs, blushes* love you mom.
but seriously i can't wait until there's a studio version download-able version on iTunes!
*wearing bad ass sunglasses* 'ring of fire' meet iPod...
oh yeah. allison totally sold out of the rocker girl vibe! i wanted her to paramore-up some country classic honestly...
*shaking her head disapprovingly* ah, allison...
and finally... matt giraud won me over and i have to say he's dueling for my second favorite with kris allen. it's not that i didn't used to like matt giraud but i never really noticed how good and andrew macmahon-ish he was!
*fan girl heart overhead* maybe you remember maybe not, but i'm smitten with andrew macmahon...
now onto results night. first of all, i'd like to congratulate adam and danny gokey for keeping their pelvises to themselves.
*sticks out her tongue* although i can't and won't deny i love it when adam goes off the family show chart.
the group performance was ok, brad paisley looks disturbingly like woody from toy story, carrie underwood had an ugly dress, randy travis looks like my uncle tom...
*light bulb lights* speaking of randy travis!
i absolutely loved the way he interacted with adam! you could TASTE the homophobia!
*clears her throat, stacks papers* getting back to results night...
i was SHOCKED that alexis grace went home! and i was MORE shocked when they didn't save her!
*internal thought gears ticking* you know, for such a cute girl, her fiance isn't very cute at all... love is blind i guess...
well, i still can't wait for anoop desai to go home. i hate him...
*growls, twitching* that AND they kept showing commercials for Twilight during Idol!
no let's look past american idol onto the rest of my life...
*frozen in the wind* but the saddest part is...
when i couldn't think of anything to say i opened a new tab in FireFox to see if nathaniel had been on his myspace today.
*blushes* he WAS by the way...
ANYWAY, let me ask you all something... a few posts ago i mentioned writing an online story. but no one really responded (except LP and d. caster of course!) so if any one thinks i should or shouldn't start blogging a story on the side leave me a crayon!
*glares* and i MEAN IT.
one more thing before i wrap things up with the must watch-see-hear...
*chibbi flapping* umhm! get ready!
some of you probably noticed what i call my uber mixpod on my sidebar. i spent HOURS on that thing and all in all, it has 130 songs. i probably could've thought of more but oui. no big thang.
*smiles, rainbow forms overhead* well, what's an amateur music blogger without her music??
so let's cut to the watch-see-hear and wrap things up...
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the academy awards* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
Want (an album by 3oh3)!! i just heard a few more songs by them and i like all of them! listen to their album! they're AWESOME.
*hair flip, sparkles come out* and i should know a thing or two about awesome...
lol! just kidding!
*twirls around* 14 followers = BLISS
well ta ta for now! i'll hopefully post again VERY soon. blogging rawks big time.

live, love, hellogoodbye

PS: is Simon Cowell increasingly pissing anyone else off?! he's WAY too self indulgent :P
PSS: don't forget about leaving me crayon for advice on the writing!
PSSS: thanks to everyone who agreed that adam lambert has nothing in common with edward cullen OR joe jonas! represent! adam rocks! edward and joe jonas SUCK!

5 crayons:

BarbieBlogger said...

mmm... Adam Lambert is quite yummy. And I agree, he's nothing like Edward or Joe.

Love your blog.

anni[eek!]. said...

aha, you love that guy, don't you?
just noticed that now(:
i would write a story if you truthfully want to. but i gotta admit it's more fun if people are actually reading. XD

have fun with it if you do(:

devin caster said...

Adam Lamberts performance was
shall we say...UBER SEXY!
Haha, nerd...*pushes up big thick framed glasses*

AND I still did not get my mention for Magic Puerto Rican Man!!

AND You should write against LP!
Itd be great!

Nikki Sorrow said...

Aww thank you for the comments! You are too sweet you are also one of my favorites ^^
You are lucky you get a lot of visitors and comments

devin caster said...

Uhm, Im not getting
on my blog..
I feel unloved...)':