February 24, 2009

come on guys!

Date: February 24
Mood: Sick
Listening To: 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley
Famous People Born Today: 1938 James Farentino, 1965 Kirstin Davis, 1966 Billy Zane


ok, for one thing i'm totally mad at everyone who didn't comment! i wanted everybody to vote for a story and i got an all time crayon low! not really.
*raincloud overhead* but seriously, that's depressing.
but it's ok! you wanna know why?!
*business man suit, tightens tie* i'm not sure you do but i'll tell you anyway.
well two things. number 1. adam lambert performs tomorrow! and i have a good feeling the judges like him. so even if he doesn't make it this time, i have a pretty good feeling that they would bring him back for the wild card.
*stomach grumbles loudly* i have a good feeling about him but not so much myself...
i've been feeling really sick since i had dinner. i had pizza. it was good but i'm not sure it would taste so good coming back up...
*coughs* sorry. too much information. i got it.
number 2. me and my friend danielle and i went to go see Fired Up! after an hour or so hanging around the mall. it was sooooo funny!
*watching fired up!, on the floor laughing, movie goer kicks* movie goer: do you mind?
yeah, me and danielle have a habit to be obnoxious in the theater. lol.
*lightbulb overhead* and that's not all!
the two guys, nick brady and shawn colfax seem kinda like the guys me and lily-paga would go out with. nick is mine. shawn is hers. lol.
*clock ticking, deep in thought* i don't think i've ever posted without mentioning LP... oh well.
and there was this HILARIOUS scene where they're on the bus and the cheerleaders are cheering "we are driving, we we are driving!" and then they're at burger king and they're saying "we are eating, we we are eating!" and then they're back on the bus and they're cheering "we are driving, we we are driving again!" and when they arrive they cheer "we are here, we we are here!" then nick and shawn step off the bus and nick says "whoa. i think our bus crashed and we're in heaven..." and shawn says "no. we would've heard we are crashing, we we are crashing." roftlmao!!
*laughs for a solid 5 minutes, coughs* anyway.
needless to say that's this post's...
*confetti falls* anastasia's must watch-see-hear!
i have always liked it, but recently LP and i have gotten into making album artwork for fictional bands. but actually a lot of our writing has bands in it so i made album art for some of them. which was fun.
*snaps newspaper down on desk* but remember!
my computer is really retro so i can't upload my art onto blogger! mebs.
*thinking* which is why i was thinking about making a Flickr account. it's just too handy, you know?
that post was longer than i meant it to be. well in writing. reading it it pretty quick. and in another attack from the retro computer, it won't let me upload the preview for fired up! guess you'll just have to youtube it. sorry.
*angry mob following anastasia* OK, OK, OK!!
here's a link! that better?
*mobs calms down, sighs* phew...
i'll try to post soon! ciao!

live, love, taking back sunday
anastasia <3:)

PS: bonus props to anyone who watched amnesia: the james brighton enigma after i recommended it!

February 16, 2009

give me something to post about

Date: February 16
Mood: like i wanna get up and DANCE
Listening To: 'Pain' by Three Days Grace
Famous People Born Today: 1935 Sonny Bono, 1957 LeVar Burton, 1958 Lisa Loring


hey all! i'm copying chippoltechick's idea and listing a bunch of random quotes or titles and every one can vote on which one they want me to post about! sound good? let's get started!

1. if we were a movie, i'd the totoro

2. anastasia, lily-pagan, nicole and the christmas cookies

3. chaos at hollywood video!!

4. mall crawl-- make that mall fall

5. i did it for cotton candy

6. an amateur writer and that word rhyming with "duck"

7. anastasia, lily-pagan, olivia and leslie are... the rugrats!!

8. summer camp & pushy wannabe lesbians

9. sanjaya's fuzzy wenis

10. my brother gabe meets bailey's parents-- and pisses her dad off

start your voting!!

PS: this blog has the best mixpod and has made me realize that adam lambert needs to sing 'pain' by three days grace on american idol and cody sheldon needs to sing 'miserable at best' for a music video in which he stars with casey carlson!

live, love, mayday parade

February 9, 2009

If over-obsession is a crime, then throw me in jail

Date: February 9
Mood: Hyper
Listening To: 'Is It Any Wonder?' by Keane
Famous People Born Today: 1942 Carole King, 1942 Joe Pesci, 1944 Alice Walker, 1945 Mia Farrow


while many excitements have happened lately! i got over 200 profiles views!
*confetti falls* yeah baybay!!
and i'm only 2 followers away from having 10 followers!!
*being tossed up and down on a sheet* hell yeah!!
but aside from that, my off blogger life has been mainly uneventful.
*life is sepia* it's sad but oh so true...
and you know, for being called "The Music Journal of Anastasia Zigantai", when's the last time i talked about music?
*slams folded newspaper down* well i've got nothing to say on the subject!
*Jim Gaffigan inside voice* then why did she mention it?
so i could write that! i absolutely love jim gaffigan! he's sooooo funny! he has this one sketch called 'Hot Pockets'. don't get me wrong, i love hot pockets. but it's had me laughing my ass off!
*laughing* jim is the MAN!
and i was checking up on blog city and there's a new blog coming off of that called Giggle Fruit.
*points at readers* which may be ridiculously cute but i love it!
the URL is
*nervously twiddling her thumbs* my computer is kinda retro so it won't let me input links so you'll have the use the good ol' copy and paste.
also, i've decided to add a subject to my posts called...
*flashy lights* Anastasia's Watch-See-Hear!!
today's must watch-see-hear is... Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma!!
*proud nodding* it's a gay guy movie.
but it's a GOOD movie! gay or not! you can rent it or something...
*sunglasses swipe* but if your homophobic it may not be the best movie for you...
one more thing! i was watching the american idol auditions from my DVR and...
*chibi fan girl flapping* i love adam lambert so freakin' much!!
i was listening to him talk and i just love his voice so much! the way he talks i mean! oh my gosh, i love adam!
*faints* oh adam!
and i have a new contestant on my watch list! nathaniel marshall! he has a bunch of tattoos and 2 lip rings on his bottom lip.
*holding back laughter* but he's such a queen.
so me and LP call him "queemo". because he's an emo queen, get it?
*laughing, coughs* sorry. maybe that wasn't funny...
who am i kidding? of course it was! laugh with me! lmao!!

live, love, fall out boy
anastasia <3:)

PS: thanks for all the comments! i'm thrilled by the success of my blogging! keep up the good work! love you all! :D

February 6, 2009

Anastasia Zigantai: Professional Vampire

Date: February 6
Mood: Energetic
Listening To: 'Our Time Now' by Plain White T's
Famous People Born Today: 1895 Babe Ruth, 1911 Ronald Regan, 1945 Bob Marley


OMFG!! remember when i said i was going to the doctors??
*nodding* yeah, ok, well anyway...
the had to TAKE MY BLOOD! OMFG! i'm 17 and that's the first time!!
*laughing* what a freakin' pansy
and my mom told me it would hurt but it was the weirdest thing... it felt GOOD.
*jaw drops* freak!
i'm not even kidding! and now i wanna be a phlebotomist when i grow up!
*looking at the calender* that's A LOT of school...
but when people asked what i did for i living i would say...
*Hortio Cane glasses* Anastasia Zigantai: professional vampire.
ha ha ha!! yeah, the glasses are from CSI: Miami. anyone who's seen the show might get it... or not...
*room falls silent* ... anyway.
i kinda love that pic of me. i look kinda evil and kinda sexy all at the same time...
*grabs Jayk's sword* away internet stalkers!
the other day, i was in a weird mood and i was ranting about how there seems to be only two "little people" in hollywood. don't you think?? in my mind, there's only Peter Dinkage and Danny Woodburn. i bet if you look them up on IMBd you'll recognize them from something.
*chibi clock ticking* is there really a little people convention?
and you might remember what i said about twilight... THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE!!!
*punching Stephanie Meyer* I hate you!!
while i was trying to make my MixPod i came across a bunch of my songs saying like "Twilight All Fall Down" and "Edward and Bella Goodbye" and i was like TWILIGHT FREAKOES, GET A FREAKIN' LIFE!
*points at everyone* and anyone thinking "i thought she liked vampires" i hate twilight BECAUSE i love vampires!
sorry to all my readers and friends who like twilight! it's nothing personal!
*stacks papers* just one more thing!
i was searching people with similar interests and i found some really cool blogs! you can check them out on the blogs i follow.
*chibi flapping* but i hit a dead zone.
i'm pretty much the only person on blogger who likes a bunch of my favorite movies. i mean come on people! you've gotta put twilight down and watch some more hot gay guy movies! ha ha!

live, love, the frey

February 3, 2009

OK, What just happened??

Date: February 3
Mood: Bloated
Listening To: 'Come Home' by OneRepublic
Famous People Born Today: 1894 Norman Rockwell, 1943 Blythe Danner, 1950 Morgan Fairchild


alright people. idol night?
*nervously biting fingernails* and the news???
adam lambert made it! and he did so while wearing a sexy matrix jacket!
*chibi giant ?* what???
yeah! damn straight! that coat was HOT!!
*chibi flapping* and what about everyone else???
oh yeah! katrina made it (wearing clothes), michael made it, never saw john, never saw cody, never saw shera.
*nodding, proud of herself* i totally loved adam out of the gates.
i'm completely and totally in love with adam it's not even funny!!
*big heart eyes* adam lambert!
but other than american idol, i have to go to the doctor's tomorrow which sucks...
*raincloud overhead* Grrr...
i twisted my knee falling at isabelle's house (see LP's blog for more details)
*limping* ouch. ouch. ouch.
oh! so the other day i was in the shower (i'm not going into any details) but i seriously almost choked!
*pulse mark* i was like holy frik! is that possible?!
well i guess so cause i got water just down my freakin pie hole...
*blushes* embarrassing, i know.
but adam lambert, andrew mcmahon and ryan tedder (yeah, love him 2) make it all better!
*squealing in a high pitched voice* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
and just ONE MORE THING! i finally got LP to watch Supernatural with me! it was the 'after school special' episode that was just on! so go me!
*eyes widen* what?
sam got stabbed right in the chest and that was never resolved! what??
*hugging a pillow* sam!!
well anyway, i gotta go update my mixpod and my profile. anastasia out.

live, love, adam lambert