February 9, 2009

If over-obsession is a crime, then throw me in jail

Date: February 9
Mood: Hyper
Listening To: 'Is It Any Wonder?' by Keane
Famous People Born Today: 1942 Carole King, 1942 Joe Pesci, 1944 Alice Walker, 1945 Mia Farrow


while many excitements have happened lately! i got over 200 profiles views!
*confetti falls* yeah baybay!!
and i'm only 2 followers away from having 10 followers!!
*being tossed up and down on a sheet* hell yeah!!
but aside from that, my off blogger life has been mainly uneventful.
*life is sepia* it's sad but oh so true...
and you know, for being called "The Music Journal of Anastasia Zigantai", when's the last time i talked about music?
*slams folded newspaper down* well i've got nothing to say on the subject!
*Jim Gaffigan inside voice* then why did she mention it?
so i could write that! i absolutely love jim gaffigan! he's sooooo funny! he has this one sketch called 'Hot Pockets'. don't get me wrong, i love hot pockets. but it's had me laughing my ass off!
*laughing* jim is the MAN!
and i was checking up on blog city and there's a new blog coming off of that called Giggle Fruit.
*points at readers* which may be ridiculously cute but i love it!
the URL is
*nervously twiddling her thumbs* my computer is kinda retro so it won't let me input links so you'll have the use the good ol' copy and paste.
also, i've decided to add a subject to my posts called...
*flashy lights* Anastasia's Watch-See-Hear!!
today's must watch-see-hear is... Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma!!
*proud nodding* it's a gay guy movie.
but it's a GOOD movie! gay or not! you can rent it or something...
*sunglasses swipe* but if your homophobic it may not be the best movie for you...
one more thing! i was watching the american idol auditions from my DVR and...
*chibi fan girl flapping* i love adam lambert so freakin' much!!
i was listening to him talk and i just love his voice so much! the way he talks i mean! oh my gosh, i love adam!
*faints* oh adam!
and i have a new contestant on my watch list! nathaniel marshall! he has a bunch of tattoos and 2 lip rings on his bottom lip.
*holding back laughter* but he's such a queen.
so me and LP call him "queemo". because he's an emo queen, get it?
*laughing, coughs* sorry. maybe that wasn't funny...
who am i kidding? of course it was! laugh with me! lmao!!

live, love, fall out boy
anastasia <3:)

PS: thanks for all the comments! i'm thrilled by the success of my blogging! keep up the good work! love you all! :D

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Jillian Christine said...

I wanna say it started when I followed your blog, but that would be a severely dumb, stuck up thing to say.

But, really, I was numero dos next to your beloved bffl Lily-Pagan.

um. my cousin started a blog....
so yeah... its thought provoking...

I like idol a lot.
have you ever heard his thing about bottled water? ROFL!!!

Luv ya gurl!
Jillo (My weird friends give me WEIRD nicknames)

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

gud....hope ur blog goes mor nd mor gud:)

hey,em, i love you! said...

hi, you dont know me, but i think you know my sister
emma! at the disco.
yeah i'm her sister and i just happened to dicover your comment and ired a bit of your blog and i really liked it!
haha, I am also a huge fan of Adam on American Idol.
he's greatt:D
lol so yeah. hi(:

aniiAMP. said...

glad to see all the progress your blogging is getting.
200 views. hot dayumm, kiddo. ;P

hey,em, i love you! said...

i love
adma lambert<33
he sooo deserves to win because he's hot and hes got an amazingg voicee!! :DD
i love him soo much!!

and his matrix jacket is the shit

Yerika =] said...

Thanks for the comment! I truly love ur blog to
I am glad that ur blog is making progress!
Good luck w/ ur blog
yerika Reyes

Cait said...

Who I've liked on American Idol has already left. Don't know if I want to keep watching or not.

Keep blogging!

hey,em, i love you! said...

how do you get the cool template backround? i cant figure it out, at all.


Riley said...

I love your blog :D