February 6, 2009

Anastasia Zigantai: Professional Vampire

Date: February 6
Mood: Energetic
Listening To: 'Our Time Now' by Plain White T's
Famous People Born Today: 1895 Babe Ruth, 1911 Ronald Regan, 1945 Bob Marley


OMFG!! remember when i said i was going to the doctors??
*nodding* yeah, ok, well anyway...
the had to TAKE MY BLOOD! OMFG! i'm 17 and that's the first time!!
*laughing* what a freakin' pansy
and my mom told me it would hurt but it was the weirdest thing... it felt GOOD.
*jaw drops* freak!
i'm not even kidding! and now i wanna be a phlebotomist when i grow up!
*looking at the calender* that's A LOT of school...
but when people asked what i did for i living i would say...
*Hortio Cane glasses* Anastasia Zigantai: professional vampire.
ha ha ha!! yeah, the glasses are from CSI: Miami. anyone who's seen the show might get it... or not...
*room falls silent* ... anyway.
i kinda love that pic of me. i look kinda evil and kinda sexy all at the same time...
*grabs Jayk's sword* away internet stalkers!
the other day, i was in a weird mood and i was ranting about how there seems to be only two "little people" in hollywood. don't you think?? in my mind, there's only Peter Dinkage and Danny Woodburn. i bet if you look them up on IMBd you'll recognize them from something.
*chibi clock ticking* is there really a little people convention?
and you might remember what i said about twilight... THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE!!!
*punching Stephanie Meyer* I hate you!!
while i was trying to make my MixPod i came across a bunch of my songs saying like "Twilight All Fall Down" and "Edward and Bella Goodbye" and i was like TWILIGHT FREAKOES, GET A FREAKIN' LIFE!
*points at everyone* and anyone thinking "i thought she liked vampires" i hate twilight BECAUSE i love vampires!
sorry to all my readers and friends who like twilight! it's nothing personal!
*stacks papers* just one more thing!
i was searching people with similar interests and i found some really cool blogs! you can check them out on the blogs i follow.
*chibi flapping* but i hit a dead zone.
i'm pretty much the only person on blogger who likes a bunch of my favorite movies. i mean come on people! you've gotta put twilight down and watch some more hot gay guy movies! ha ha!

live, love, the frey

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Nikki Sorrow said...

Hey Thanks for the comment! I love your blog! Do you have a myspace?

Jillian said...

Nice pic.

Professional vampire.
Marry a lawyer, than you'll both be blood suckers.
I love browsing random blogs!!!
I'll check em out!

Lindsey said...

pro vampire, eh?
that's hilarious!
love ur blog!

Yerika =] said...

Love the pic love ur blog!

N a t a l i e. said...

I've never had blood taken before! It actually felt good? :o It would be amazing to be a pro vampire.

And... *sigh* I hate to admit that I like Twilight, but I do. It's incredibly annoying and irritating and all of that, but I still like it. I can't help it! Blame my friends that forced me to read the book, haha :p I'm not like one of those obsessive fangirls that runs around yelling OMFG! EDWARD CULLEN! I HEART VAMPIRES! LOLOLOL. Hmm :P

aniiAMP. said...

I used to love twilight,
and now i absolutely hate it. (:
taking blood?
I was nervous at first. but it was for some odd reason fun.
however, I was 12, so HA !
love this post.

Rebecca said...

i love that picture of you x

Nikki Sorrow said...

aww that suxx
i love your template!