March 28, 2009

down and to the left

Date: March 28
Mood: Bored
Listening To: 'Rainbow Veins' by Owl City
Famous People Born Today: 1948 Dianne Weist, 1955 Reba McEntire, 1970 Vince Vaughn, 1981 Julia Stiles


do you think it's a little sad the a 16 year old girl is sitting at home on a saturday night with NOTHING to do?
*hair flip, sparkles come out* and i'm not just ANY 16 year old!
but seriously. i have nothing to do...
*shrugs* except post here, i guess
nah, i love you guys. lots of love to my followers and any other regular readers x]
*thumbs up* bracket smilies are the new frontier!
so now i will tell you the luray weather report brought to you by anastasia!
*tapping papers on a desk, wearing a weatherman suit* currently there is a thunderstorm and i'm praying that the power doesn't go out and kill my post.
lol yeah, i just have to update you on the weather.
*gears ticking* i guess i have a few regular subjects. the luray weather and the must watch-see-hear... hm.
so i have recently discovered that there's only ONE THING that can take my mind completely off american idol.
*gasps* really? what?
DOLLHOUSE! it's the coolest show ever!!
*chibbi sweat drop* no, i'm not kidding. ask LP, i'm really obsessed...
does anybody watch it? if not you should.
*clears her throat* well, it WAS my last must watch-see-hear...
my favorites on the show are...

VICTOR (Enver Djokaj)
Victor is one of the dolls (and by far the best doll!) opposite Echo (Eliza Dushku) and Sierra (Dichen Lachman). but he's still the best doll. in the first few episodes they don't say he's a doll, instead he's targeted by Ballard to find out more about the dollhouse as Lubov. it was a majorly cool plot twist when it turned out he was a doll. i think he's kinda cute and i adore his accent! also, victor and sierra made my list of pairings on my last post. they're so cute. the doll love is so sweet and pure.
Topher is the guy who imprints the dolls with their personalities for the engagements. he's some sort of genius and works for the dollhouse. he's super funny! the episode 'gray hour' he's soooooo hilarious! you see, victor has a... man reaction to sierra but the dolls aren't supposed to have hormones and stuff. he tells dr. claire saunders and while she's interested and wants to go back through the shower tapes, topher is discomforted and off put by the whole thing. lol he's so funny! i love topher <3
AGENT PAUL BALLARD (Tohmoh Penikett)
he's an agent trying to find out more about the dollhouse. although his investigation costs him his marriage, the trust of the people he works with and ultimately gets him suspended, he continues to look for answers about the dollhouse. his cute, mousy, crushed out neighbor, Mellie, ultimately has a relationship with him but after she's almost killed, she blames Ballard and skips town. but before she leaves town, she tells Ballard to leave the dollhouse case alone. of course, Mellie is actually a doll, too so... i wouldn't trust her. but Ballard and Mellie are very cute together. and Ballard's a bad ass which i LOVE lol
*panting* yeah, well that's all i've got to say about dollhouse...
for now that is lol.
*claps her hands together* oh yeah! you know what?
LP and i are contemplating making a blog together! i think it would be fun...
*uncle sam points* what do YOU think??
most of my followers also follow LP's blog so... just wondering!
*tapping her chin* hmm... well i can't think of much else to say...
oh yeah! i wanted to shout out to LP, DCas, and Yeirka (hope i spelled your name right! eek!) for following Bohemian Rhapsody (my online story)
*confetti falls* thanks guys!!
my writing is actually usually a lot more bloody and depressing. but i thought i try my hand a teen love story!
*Terminator glasses* but will Matt and Maria get together? you'll NEVER know...
until i write more of the story that is... ah well
*brushing her hands together to get the dust off* well, time to wrap things up with the must watch-see-hear...
damn, i already used dollhouse... well... lemme think...
*holds up a sign that says "PLEASE HOLD", time passes*
ok, sorry!
*opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
a lesson in romantics! an album from mayday parade (post title is lyrics from 'jamie all over' an awesome song by them)
*winks* so go check some songs out on iTunes! or just surf through my mixpod until you see 'jamie all over' or 'miserable at best'!
thanks for reading everyone! i'll try and post again REAL soon x]

live, love, vampire weekend

PS: i still can't comment on your blog, DCas! sorry for the lack of comments! :[
PSS: i posted a link to my online story on my side bar for anyone interested! also, my email address is on my sidebar if anybody wants to drop me a fan mail x] lol

March 24, 2009

take me back to the age of innocence

Date: March 24
Mood: hungry
Listening To: 'Hollywood' by Cute Is What We Aim For
Famous People Born Today: 1874 Harry Houdini, 1930 Steve McQueen, 1974 Alyson Hannigan


hello again! well after saying i was gonna try to be a better blogger, it's been almost a whole WEEK since i posted...
*rain cloud overhead* that's a little depressing...
ah well. i usually inform you guys on the weather here in luray.
*wearing a weatherman outfit* well right now it's 36 degrees and cloudy in luray, virginia
don't ask me why i always inform you about whatever the weather is like here...
*clears her throat* wow now i remember why i haven't posted in so long!
it's so boring here! it's like night of the living dead...
*big sigh* ah well...
well i still have to be a good blogger so let's talk about the only thing i know!
*rolls her eyes* umhm, you probably guessed it...
american idol. tomorrow is the beginning of mowtown week. did i mention i HATE it when they do all that non-current stuff?? it's not only non-current, it's like to 60s!
*zombies walking around outside* hello idol! this is 2009!
i mean, nevertheless adam will probably be amazing but they'll talk up danny gokey anyway...
*eye twitches* danny is good but the judges endlessly kissing his butt it starting to really bother me...
no offense to all you danny gokey fans! he's just not my cup of tea.
*counting with her head* well it's not that i don't like him... forget it!
maybe it's just because i know the finale will be danny gokey and adam lambert...
*flapping her arms* i love adam more than is good for me!
anyway, i think it's time we move past american idol. at least for a moment or two...
*evil laugh* mwah ha ha!
oh jeez, what do i have to talk about other than idol?
*pacing around* let's see... what's new... *light bulb lights* oh yeah!
i started an online book for no other reason than LP and DCas (that's my new nickname for devin caster!) believe in me!
*nodding proud of herself* but don't get too excited. i haven't posted anything yet...
so anyway, here's a quick introduction. it's called bohemian rhapsody. it's about best friends named maria and matt who both want to be singers but live in a small town. so inspired by singer emmi jules road to stardom, matt decides that he wants to run away with maria to new york city so they can have a better chance of being discovered. maria's unsure about the plan but after she gets in a fight with her parents she calls matt up, crying, and agrees to go with him. matt drives to her house in the middle of the night and maria sneaks out meet him, her bags in tow. they then run away to new york city together where they share a small apartment. and this is only the beginning!
*kicking at the ground* yeah, it's pretty teeny bopper...
but i'll try to fill it out more in the writing, really!
*giggles* but the best part is...
the two main characters, maria and matt are played by me and nathaniel marshall!
*winks* you haven't heard the last from nanastasia!
yes, i'm really a good little fan girl.
*halo overhead* i'm still starstruck by nathaniel...
hey! as long as i've got nothing to say let's cover some of my new pairings!

BRENDON URIE & RYAN ROSS: one of the coolest gay pairing ever. seriously. love panic, love gay guys. it's a win win.

SPIKE & DRUSCILLA: from buffy the vampire slayer. they're so cute! lol i love spike! and druscilla is so cute when she does her puppy dog whine!

LUCAS SCOTT & HALEY JAMES SCOTT: from one tree hill. i wanted them to be a pairing since before she married nathan. but seriously they would be hawt.

VICTOR & SIERRA: from dollhouse which i'm now completely obsessed with! the adorable doll love is so cute and pure!

NATE BATEMAN & PENELOPE: lol you're not supposed to know what it means unless you're LP. ain't it true, lily??

well sounds like it's about time for the must watch-see-hear.
*drumroll, opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
dollhouse friday nights on FOX! yup, it's the new Joss Whedon show but it's simply amazing! and you have to see victor and sierra!
*eating berry berry kix* hot damn, i think i've got the munchies... *clears her throat* anyway...
that's all for now! check out bohemian rhapsody if you'd like!
*terminator sunglasses* i'll post a link when i actually write a chapter.
vote for adam tomorrow! lol, nah i'm only kidding.
*pish posh hand wave* i don't wanna sound like i'm hawking him on my blog.
don't stop believing! hope all my followers are doing ok! ciao XD

live, love, cute is what we aim for

PS: devin caster invented magical puerto rican man (the nickname for voted off american idol contestant jorge nunez)
PSS: i can't comment on your blog, DCas, because you're comments won't let me! you should tweak the settings i used to have that problem. ain't no thang ;]

March 18, 2009

do you feel LUCKY? well... do ya?

Date: March 18
Mood: anxious
Listening To: 'Still Around' by 3oh3
Famous People Born Today: 1932 John Updike, 1963 Vanessa Williams, 1970 Queen Latifah, 1972 Dane Cook


first of all i just wanted to say happy birthday to Queen Latifah and Dane Cook!
*confetti falls* happy birthday!
they're two of my greatest idol's ever! they're truly and undoubtedly awesome!
*nodding, proud of herself* yeah, they're just too cool.
so anywhosle, tonight was the american idol results show but let us first back track to last nights performance show.
*winces* i can only imagine what you're about to say...
adam lambert's nine inch nails 'ring of fire'
*tapping her chin* hmmm...
i thought it was... overwhelmingly, unbelievably, one might even say surreally sexy!!
*fanning herself* did anyone just feel a heat wave?
my mom actually had to look away it was so uncomfortable and she described it as "the sountrack to dirty sex."
*laughs, blushes* love you mom.
but seriously i can't wait until there's a studio version download-able version on iTunes!
*wearing bad ass sunglasses* 'ring of fire' meet iPod...
oh yeah. allison totally sold out of the rocker girl vibe! i wanted her to paramore-up some country classic honestly...
*shaking her head disapprovingly* ah, allison...
and finally... matt giraud won me over and i have to say he's dueling for my second favorite with kris allen. it's not that i didn't used to like matt giraud but i never really noticed how good and andrew macmahon-ish he was!
*fan girl heart overhead* maybe you remember maybe not, but i'm smitten with andrew macmahon...
now onto results night. first of all, i'd like to congratulate adam and danny gokey for keeping their pelvises to themselves.
*sticks out her tongue* although i can't and won't deny i love it when adam goes off the family show chart.
the group performance was ok, brad paisley looks disturbingly like woody from toy story, carrie underwood had an ugly dress, randy travis looks like my uncle tom...
*light bulb lights* speaking of randy travis!
i absolutely loved the way he interacted with adam! you could TASTE the homophobia!
*clears her throat, stacks papers* getting back to results night...
i was SHOCKED that alexis grace went home! and i was MORE shocked when they didn't save her!
*internal thought gears ticking* you know, for such a cute girl, her fiance isn't very cute at all... love is blind i guess...
well, i still can't wait for anoop desai to go home. i hate him...
*growls, twitching* that AND they kept showing commercials for Twilight during Idol!
no let's look past american idol onto the rest of my life...
*frozen in the wind* but the saddest part is...
when i couldn't think of anything to say i opened a new tab in FireFox to see if nathaniel had been on his myspace today.
*blushes* he WAS by the way...
ANYWAY, let me ask you all something... a few posts ago i mentioned writing an online story. but no one really responded (except LP and d. caster of course!) so if any one thinks i should or shouldn't start blogging a story on the side leave me a crayon!
*glares* and i MEAN IT.
one more thing before i wrap things up with the must watch-see-hear...
*chibbi flapping* umhm! get ready!
some of you probably noticed what i call my uber mixpod on my sidebar. i spent HOURS on that thing and all in all, it has 130 songs. i probably could've thought of more but oui. no big thang.
*smiles, rainbow forms overhead* well, what's an amateur music blogger without her music??
so let's cut to the watch-see-hear and wrap things up...
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the academy awards* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
Want (an album by 3oh3)!! i just heard a few more songs by them and i like all of them! listen to their album! they're AWESOME.
*hair flip, sparkles come out* and i should know a thing or two about awesome...
lol! just kidding!
*twirls around* 14 followers = BLISS
well ta ta for now! i'll hopefully post again VERY soon. blogging rawks big time.

live, love, hellogoodbye

PS: is Simon Cowell increasingly pissing anyone else off?! he's WAY too self indulgent :P
PSS: don't forget about leaving me crayon for advice on the writing!
PSSS: thanks to everyone who agreed that adam lambert has nothing in common with edward cullen OR joe jonas! represent! adam rocks! edward and joe jonas SUCK!

March 11, 2009

I love you and I miss you, what else can I say?

Date: March 11
Mood: Jittery
Listening To: 'Ghost Town' by Shiny Toy Guns
Famous People Born Today: 1950 Bobby McFerrin, 1952 Susan Richardson, 1982 Thora Birch


two days in a row that i posted. whoa. when's the last time that happened?
*cocks her head to the side* well it was december 7th followed by december 8th
but anywho it's been a LONG time.
*nodding* right? right.
well, tonight was idol night and lily-pagan came over. nothing new.
*suspense* until...
the group performance. DUN DUN DUN!!
*heavy sighs* admittedly boring since they didn't do Thriller...
but oh my effin gawd did you see danny gokey?? "hi, i'm danny gokey! here's my pelvis!" zomg! whoa!
*snaps the back of danny gokey's hand with a ruler* and adam didn't thrust AT ALL so you've got no excuse, mr. gokey!
speaking of adam, he was very very cute and also underplayed. they didn't show as much of him as i thought they would considering he's a judge favorite AND a fan favorite.
*covering her ears* hot dayumm! did you see the way they screamed when they showed him??
he has an enormous fan following and will certainly make it to the top 2 if not win it all!
*chibbi flap* love you, adam! you're gonna go far, kid!
but good things never last. kelly clarkson performed. have i told you all this? i REALLY (x forever) hate her! and i really hate that song! sure it's dancey and all but seriously, i'm so sick of it!
*looks apologetic* sorry all you kelly fans...
and anoop desai was safe. did i mention? i really hate him too. i was like "save the magic puerto rican man!" but noooooo anoop was safe after a horendous version of 'beat it" i mean really it was like a drunken phrat party performance.
*glares at anoop* but that's probably the best he's got...
hate anoop. hate kelly clarkson. hated idol's results tonight. bam.
*sitting in a rocking chair, holding a pipe* lemme tell you youngin's a story
my mom had to make a run to Tops to get bread for dinner but i really love our car so i went along.
*smiles, winks* we have XM radio.
so my mom ran in to get the bread and i stayed in the car. so i turned to my second favorite channel on the XM, channel 47, altnation.
*sunglasses on, spinning ritz* it plays good music.
and 'ghost town' by shiny toy guns came on. i had never heard the song but i was bored so i listening to it. and you know what? i'm HOOKED!!
*points up* the picture at the top is them.
when i got home i bought it from iTunes and put it on my iPod. love that song!
*dancing* we are living in a ghost town!
also on my loop of songs on my iPod i recently got hooked on is 'far more' by the honorary title. i've had it on my iPod for awhile but i'm seriously in love with it know.
*points up again* the title of the post is lyrics from that song.
plus the honorary title was on one tree hill and they sang that song. way coolio.
*light bulb lights* Also!
i just started season 5 of OTH (i know it's been awhile since i talked about THAT!) and so far so good.
*fake crying* i'm still mourning the loss of chris keller...
but i LOVE the character Mia! she's way cool.
*waving a flag with kate voegele on it* yay mia!
and before i forget this posts must watch-see-hear is...
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the oscars* the watch-see-hear goes to...
Like A Brother!
*nodding* yup, more hot gay guy movies.
but in parts of the movie the main character zack seriously reminds me of adam lambert. not visually! but a little bit character wise.
*scoffs* he's was more like zack than edward cullen!
well that's all i've got to say for now. ciao!

live, love, hey monday

PS: ADAM LAMBERT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE JOE JONAS!! goly gee, why do people keep comparing adam to teen phenoms? it's so flustrating XP

March 10, 2009

all it took was a paperweight to keep my heart underwater

Date: March 10
Mood: Heartbroken
Listening To: 'Death and All His Friends' by Coldplay
Famous People Born Today: 1940 Chuck Norris, 1958 Sharon Stone 1966 Edie Brickell 1977 Shannon Miller


it's 48 degrees outside and still raining...
*looking out the window at the rain* hmm...
i have basically nothing to post about.
*dim light bulb overhead* oh yeah!
american idol is tonight. but it all seems rather dreary without nathaniel...
*nodding* yeah, i call him by first name. deep stuff, right?
but as always, i'm still cheering for adam lambert.
*lethargically waving a flag* whoo... hoo...
rainy days always bring me down. usually i would go outside and dance in the rain but i'm just not feeling up to it...
*heavy sighs* so much for that i guess...
since i have basically nothing to say i'll bombard you with my random thoughts.
*fake smile* fun, right?
let me tell you something. i have a can of crushed pineapple under my desk. i have no idea how long it's been there but i use it to scratch my feet.
*yawn* wow. freak.
last time i felt like this was shortly after i posted my last post. but devin caster helped cheer me up a lot and made it onto my list of my favorite bloggers.
*thumbs up* you rawk, devin caster!
but still, things have been boring and dreary as hell here. i wanted to go see coraline with LP but we went to hot topic instead.
*smiles for a minute* well, i do love hot topic.
i got a mayday parade graphic tee, an AFI graphic tee and...
*sniff* wait for it...
sunglasses that look like the ones that nathaniel has.
*looks down* yeah, i love them.
to try to cheer me up LP put them on and started imitating him but it proved to just remind of how much i wanted him to make the top 13 (i guess) and he didn't.
*half hearted smile* thanks for trying, LP.
oh yeah! here's a pretty funny story.
*chibbi flap* but first lemme tell you sumin.
LP doesn't like mayonnaise. so she eats tuna without any mayonnaise in it. and usually straight out of the can.
*blushes* hope i didn't embarrass you, lily!
so she was opening the can of tuna and babbling about how catwoman had the right idea (in the catwoman movie with Hallie Berry she eats tuna right out of the can) and she was ignoring me.
*light bulb lights* so then i had the strangest idea.
i put on my nathaniel glasses and laid on the floor and starting meowing.
*winks* and i do a killer meow!
she didn't understand what i wanted but after some incessant meowing, she gave me some tuna.
*laughs* yes, this is my life.
well that's all i've got to say for now.
*snaps* not again.
i forgot my watch-see-hear! well...
*drum roll* i guess it's...
catwoman! yeah! you have to see her eat the tuna!
*sighs* well that's REALLY all i've got.
ta-ta for now. hope it stops raining.

live, love, funeral for a friend

PS: thanks for the comments guys! love you all!
PSS: if anyone actually watches/listens/sees any of the things i recommend, feedback is welcome! lol

March 3, 2009

I really need this for us

Date: March 3
Mood: scared and sorta sad
Listening To: '23' by Jimmy Eat World
Famous People Born Today: 1831 George Pullman, 1847 Alexander Graham Bell, 1911 Jean Harlow, 1958 Miranda Richardson


i've come to know that the more you know, the more you wish you didn't.
*looking out the window, raining, sighs* so true...
at least it's above freezing here. last time i checked it was 33 degrees.
*clears her throat* but seriously, not the point.
the point is that nathaniel marshall goes tonight on american idol.
*looks confused* but i thought that was a GOOD thing!
well i think he'll do well but here's the thing. i was searching for articles and stuff about him on google and i found this really good one.
*thunder outside* well i guess it depends on your definition of good...
he was in the foster care system until he was a teenager. and i've never heard anything GOOD about foster care. so i looked up more about malone, new york. where he lives.
*lightening outside* more bad news...
it's a really small and depressing town in the middle of nowhere! and it's really cold!
*shivers* aw, nathaniel!
so on my nathaniel marshall streak, i watched some american idol on my DVR. and before he goes into the judges mansion he whimpers "i don't wanna go home."
*pish posh hand wave* and i know everyone says that...
but no shit, this kid's life sucks ass!
*blushes* you see...
if it's possible to fall in love with someone you've never met, i seriously need this guy. and he needs american idol.
*coughs* gosh, i've never totally gushed like that...
on the brighter side, i got my own flickr and uploaded a bunch of pictures and stuff.
*claps* yay! (thinking) nathaniel...
so you can visit it here and see all the weird stuff i have pictures of.
*looks slightly embarrassed* mostly adam lambert and nathaniel marshall. dammit, i mentioned nathaniel again!
and for my last topic of this post...
*drum roll* is...
lily-pagan started her own online story.
*nodding* yeah, it's way cool.
but thinking as much as that we're like duel writers, should I start a online story?
*shrugs* i dunno...
i couldn't post that often considering i don't even post often here. but seriously, i like and write and stuff.
*light bulb lights* Or...
anyone who thinks i should or shouldn't please leave a crayon (comment)! i mean seriously, i used to get like 8 crayons a post and now i'm lucky to get 3.
*flapping her arms* crayon me people!
that is...
*blinking rapidly* if you don't want to break my heart.
well that's all i can think of now.
*bird flies in my window with a scroll* wait... oh yeah!
my must watch-see-hear! urm... umm... three day's grace one-x! yeah, that's it! i've been listening to it endlessly! you all should try it out! i even made my pop loving bff LP love it! lol and THATS something.
*bird flies back out* well that's all folks!
stay tuned for nathaniel and adam updates! and remember, crayons and flickr! mwah! toodles!

live, love, the honorary title
anastasia <3:)

PS: ADAM LAMBERT IS NOTHING LIKE EDWARD CULLEN!!!! PERIOD!! did that piss anyone else off??