March 3, 2009

I really need this for us

Date: March 3
Mood: scared and sorta sad
Listening To: '23' by Jimmy Eat World
Famous People Born Today: 1831 George Pullman, 1847 Alexander Graham Bell, 1911 Jean Harlow, 1958 Miranda Richardson


i've come to know that the more you know, the more you wish you didn't.
*looking out the window, raining, sighs* so true...
at least it's above freezing here. last time i checked it was 33 degrees.
*clears her throat* but seriously, not the point.
the point is that nathaniel marshall goes tonight on american idol.
*looks confused* but i thought that was a GOOD thing!
well i think he'll do well but here's the thing. i was searching for articles and stuff about him on google and i found this really good one.
*thunder outside* well i guess it depends on your definition of good...
he was in the foster care system until he was a teenager. and i've never heard anything GOOD about foster care. so i looked up more about malone, new york. where he lives.
*lightening outside* more bad news...
it's a really small and depressing town in the middle of nowhere! and it's really cold!
*shivers* aw, nathaniel!
so on my nathaniel marshall streak, i watched some american idol on my DVR. and before he goes into the judges mansion he whimpers "i don't wanna go home."
*pish posh hand wave* and i know everyone says that...
but no shit, this kid's life sucks ass!
*blushes* you see...
if it's possible to fall in love with someone you've never met, i seriously need this guy. and he needs american idol.
*coughs* gosh, i've never totally gushed like that...
on the brighter side, i got my own flickr and uploaded a bunch of pictures and stuff.
*claps* yay! (thinking) nathaniel...
so you can visit it here and see all the weird stuff i have pictures of.
*looks slightly embarrassed* mostly adam lambert and nathaniel marshall. dammit, i mentioned nathaniel again!
and for my last topic of this post...
*drum roll* is...
lily-pagan started her own online story.
*nodding* yeah, it's way cool.
but thinking as much as that we're like duel writers, should I start a online story?
*shrugs* i dunno...
i couldn't post that often considering i don't even post often here. but seriously, i like and write and stuff.
*light bulb lights* Or...
anyone who thinks i should or shouldn't please leave a crayon (comment)! i mean seriously, i used to get like 8 crayons a post and now i'm lucky to get 3.
*flapping her arms* crayon me people!
that is...
*blinking rapidly* if you don't want to break my heart.
well that's all i can think of now.
*bird flies in my window with a scroll* wait... oh yeah!
my must watch-see-hear! urm... umm... three day's grace one-x! yeah, that's it! i've been listening to it endlessly! you all should try it out! i even made my pop loving bff LP love it! lol and THATS something.
*bird flies back out* well that's all folks!
stay tuned for nathaniel and adam updates! and remember, crayons and flickr! mwah! toodles!

live, love, the honorary title
anastasia <3:)

PS: ADAM LAMBERT IS NOTHING LIKE EDWARD CULLEN!!!! PERIOD!! did that piss anyone else off??

6 crayons:

devin caster said...

I think you should write against LP
(if thats the right thing to say)
Lol, por Nathaniel!
I didnt eve know that about him..
Its so sad..


It does piss me off that some compared adam Lambert to Edward Cullen
I am a fan of Twilight and Adam but
First of all! I HATE VAMPIRES!
They are smelly.
I am a werewolf. Im better.
And Adam is wayyy better that that smelly old Edward Cullen, anyways.

Love You!

Lily-Pagan said...

write against me?? huh??
but anyways
Edward Cullen's just a freaking creepy stalker and Adam is AWESOME!!
love you lots Annie!!

anni[eek!]. said...

american idol; i only watch auditions. they are so funny. XD

and i know what you mean ! i used to get like 10-20 comments now i have like, NONE ! rawr.


.{C.L.A.i.i.R.3}. said...

nice blog.


devin caster said...


Just a girl name said...

Thanks for the tulips! So pretty! thanks for reading my blog...
Nathanial ( i plan on naming my my kid Nate or Nathanial) I don't really follow American Idol so no comments there.
We all know that if things don't work out we're gonna be upset( heart broken) but as humans we take chances we put our feelings out there right?
I know you'll love again b/c that's our nature so don't worry we all feel sad at times.
I enjoy ur blog , ur open and honest of ur thoughts
good job
again thanks Anastasia