March 10, 2009

all it took was a paperweight to keep my heart underwater

Date: March 10
Mood: Heartbroken
Listening To: 'Death and All His Friends' by Coldplay
Famous People Born Today: 1940 Chuck Norris, 1958 Sharon Stone 1966 Edie Brickell 1977 Shannon Miller


it's 48 degrees outside and still raining...
*looking out the window at the rain* hmm...
i have basically nothing to post about.
*dim light bulb overhead* oh yeah!
american idol is tonight. but it all seems rather dreary without nathaniel...
*nodding* yeah, i call him by first name. deep stuff, right?
but as always, i'm still cheering for adam lambert.
*lethargically waving a flag* whoo... hoo...
rainy days always bring me down. usually i would go outside and dance in the rain but i'm just not feeling up to it...
*heavy sighs* so much for that i guess...
since i have basically nothing to say i'll bombard you with my random thoughts.
*fake smile* fun, right?
let me tell you something. i have a can of crushed pineapple under my desk. i have no idea how long it's been there but i use it to scratch my feet.
*yawn* wow. freak.
last time i felt like this was shortly after i posted my last post. but devin caster helped cheer me up a lot and made it onto my list of my favorite bloggers.
*thumbs up* you rawk, devin caster!
but still, things have been boring and dreary as hell here. i wanted to go see coraline with LP but we went to hot topic instead.
*smiles for a minute* well, i do love hot topic.
i got a mayday parade graphic tee, an AFI graphic tee and...
*sniff* wait for it...
sunglasses that look like the ones that nathaniel has.
*looks down* yeah, i love them.
to try to cheer me up LP put them on and started imitating him but it proved to just remind of how much i wanted him to make the top 13 (i guess) and he didn't.
*half hearted smile* thanks for trying, LP.
oh yeah! here's a pretty funny story.
*chibbi flap* but first lemme tell you sumin.
LP doesn't like mayonnaise. so she eats tuna without any mayonnaise in it. and usually straight out of the can.
*blushes* hope i didn't embarrass you, lily!
so she was opening the can of tuna and babbling about how catwoman had the right idea (in the catwoman movie with Hallie Berry she eats tuna right out of the can) and she was ignoring me.
*light bulb lights* so then i had the strangest idea.
i put on my nathaniel glasses and laid on the floor and starting meowing.
*winks* and i do a killer meow!
she didn't understand what i wanted but after some incessant meowing, she gave me some tuna.
*laughs* yes, this is my life.
well that's all i've got to say for now.
*snaps* not again.
i forgot my watch-see-hear! well...
*drum roll* i guess it's...
catwoman! yeah! you have to see her eat the tuna!
*sighs* well that's REALLY all i've got.
ta-ta for now. hope it stops raining.

live, love, funeral for a friend

PS: thanks for the comments guys! love you all!
PSS: if anyone actually watches/listens/sees any of the things i recommend, feedback is welcome! lol

4 crayons:

Just a girl name said...

I love HOT TOPIC TOO! Love it Love it!!!
Cheer up Anastasia!!! Spring is hear birds will sing and summer will be here before you know it!!
Lets go dance in the rain together!
Hope u cheer up..
P.S. The can of pineapple unique err * cough * freak! lol Just kidding!

Wierd pic

devin caster said...

I LOVE Hot Topic too!
Lol, who doesnt?

And, I'm sorry its raining there]:
Get better! And also thanks for mentioning me! YAY!


P.S. gimme a link to your flickr.

anni[eek!]. said...

you have quite interesting posts. ;p
hah, it's flooding where i am.
have fun with that !

Lily-Pagan said...

tuna out of the can is so underrated! i love it!
and lol thanks for making me sound WEIRD on your blog!! lol, jk!!
that can has been under your desk a long time... how did you even get a can of tuna under your desk??
lol love your Nathaniel glasses!
love you lots, Annie! byebye!!