July 16, 2009

who are you?

Date: July 16
Mood: Confident
Listening to: 'Stella' by All Time Low
Famous People Born Today: 1907 Barbara Stanwyc, 1911 Ginger Rogers, 1967 Will Ferrell, 1971 Corey Feldman (from Lost Boys!), 1979 Jayma Mays (from Glee!!)


confession: i was going to make this post melodramatic.
*thumbs up* but lucky for you, i decided not to.
you see, everyone has been coming clean about internet personas and i think it might be because of me...
*walks into a stop sign* ow! what?
oh yeah! the weather report! which i was going to get rid of, but my idol blogger likes it, so it will stay
*wearing a weatherman coat* today's weather is 91 degrees and perfectly sunny.
yeah, i wanted it to stop raining but i guess now i know what they mean by "be careful what you wish for"
*clears throat* but anyway, let's move onto what's [really] important!
internet confessions, of course!
*holds out a calendar* you see, here's what i think.
i recently came out about using fake pictures and pretending they were myself.
*shrugs* a lot of people already knew, so thanks to anyone who knew and didn't mention it.
so i told everyone i met through the internet and luckily, everyone excepted it. then...
*holds up a picture of emma* Emma [formerly known as DCas] came out and said that she wasn't really devin caster and she isn't really living in london.
of course, i love my emma, so i didn't care if she used fake pictures because i love her for who she is.
*pish posh hand wave* but please, don't worry. i may be bi, but i'm not cyber-crushing on emma...
so then my other bud, Yerika came out an said that she wasn't really 16, she's 14.
*pats Yerika on the back* again, no worries because i have come to know who she really is and age is nothing but a number.
and finally, my bestie Lily-Pagan came out and said that she wasn't using her own pictures either.
*shh finger* i knew, but i had her back.
and now Emma is using her own pics, Yerika is officially 14 and Lily-Pagan is using her own pictures.
*gestures toward the dominos on the side* domino reaction, see?
a domino reaction from ME. but what's the problem?
*gasp* i've never officially come out about my fake pictures!!
so i am here today to say...
*steps out of her closet* those old pictures were not me!!
but of course, now i'm using my own pictures. hence the banner [with a picture of my true self] and my profile [also featuring a real picture of myself].
*wearing a cape* so alas, i have finally come clean! fear not!
but why aren't i going to linger on my declaration for the whole freaking post?
*looks determined* because THIS.
a person's true worth should be measured by where their heart is, what they dream of and how they touch the lives of people around them!
*Uncle Sam point* so i want you to go look in the mirror!
and say "i'm [insert your full name here] and i'm doing just fine!"
*blush* yeah, i did that about 46 times before i finally came out about my fake pictures.
but since i just explained that we're not lingering on this subject, let's move on, shall we?
*looking around for something to talk about* well, hmm, let's see...
oh yeah! my writing is starting to look up! Emmybear's [Emma] writing has inspired me to keep writing Bohemian Rhapsody!
*smiles at Emma* yup, it's not as cool as DCas but Emmybear is your new nickname.
of course, since i'm still mad at Bohemian Rhapsody, i'm talking about 18 days...
*flapping her hands at nothing* Bohemian Rhapsody is so typical and mushy! rawr!
so i was actually pondering getting rid of the whole damn thing. anybody read it? what do you think?
*winks* leave me a crayon, please.
i might just scrap 18 Days and Bohemian Rhapsody all together and start a new story blog. i have a few ideas milling around in my head that are less teeny-bopper and unoriginal.
*Kris/Logan Jay point* again, leave me a crayon.
of course, there's little to nothing you can do to save those blogs now because i'm so bored and frustrated with them. but i just want to know what people who read those blogs really think about them. i need to know.
*happy dance* but the good news is that me and LP should be posting on Box of Chocolates very very soon!
now that i'm done bitching about my writing, let's move onto our next topic...
*poses* i'm trying to convince LP to do a talent show with me.
you see, i want us to sing 'must have done something right' by relient k [because it's our theme song!!] but she just keeps telling me that she has stage fright.
*shifty eyes* of course, i have some experience because i've had more than one crazed karaoke performance in my life...
but that's another story for another time!!
*guilty coughing* oh my bejeezuz.
but still! i mean, almost nobody's actually GOOD at talent shows anyway! but i'm not sure LP can be bought..
*claps her hands together* so go bombard her blog with comments telling her to sing in the talent show with me!!
lmao she is going to be so pissed at me but it will totally be worth it...
*drums her fingers restlessly* hmm... now what?
goly gee, folks, i think that's about it! should we cut to the must watch-see-hear and call it a day? alright!
*opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
IT'S A TIE!! between Nothing Personal an album by All Time Low! and Leave This Town an album by Daughtry! they're both very new and very good. i just got it them other day but they went straight to my ipod. you should check them out!
*waving goodbye* now folks, i must be off!
LP just texted to say she was coming over and i must prepare the cupcakes! lol yeah, i always make cupcakes when she comes over for movie nights.
*excited clapping* we're watching Charlie Bartlett and Blind Dating to honor Anton Yelchin [star of Charlie Bartlett, also played Checkov in Star Trek] and Chris Pine [star of Blind Dating, also played Kirk in Star Trek]
so farewell loyal readers and followers! i PROMISE to post soon!
*Vulcan hand* live long and prosper.

live, love, Daughtry