March 11, 2009

I love you and I miss you, what else can I say?

Date: March 11
Mood: Jittery
Listening To: 'Ghost Town' by Shiny Toy Guns
Famous People Born Today: 1950 Bobby McFerrin, 1952 Susan Richardson, 1982 Thora Birch


two days in a row that i posted. whoa. when's the last time that happened?
*cocks her head to the side* well it was december 7th followed by december 8th
but anywho it's been a LONG time.
*nodding* right? right.
well, tonight was idol night and lily-pagan came over. nothing new.
*suspense* until...
the group performance. DUN DUN DUN!!
*heavy sighs* admittedly boring since they didn't do Thriller...
but oh my effin gawd did you see danny gokey?? "hi, i'm danny gokey! here's my pelvis!" zomg! whoa!
*snaps the back of danny gokey's hand with a ruler* and adam didn't thrust AT ALL so you've got no excuse, mr. gokey!
speaking of adam, he was very very cute and also underplayed. they didn't show as much of him as i thought they would considering he's a judge favorite AND a fan favorite.
*covering her ears* hot dayumm! did you see the way they screamed when they showed him??
he has an enormous fan following and will certainly make it to the top 2 if not win it all!
*chibbi flap* love you, adam! you're gonna go far, kid!
but good things never last. kelly clarkson performed. have i told you all this? i REALLY (x forever) hate her! and i really hate that song! sure it's dancey and all but seriously, i'm so sick of it!
*looks apologetic* sorry all you kelly fans...
and anoop desai was safe. did i mention? i really hate him too. i was like "save the magic puerto rican man!" but noooooo anoop was safe after a horendous version of 'beat it" i mean really it was like a drunken phrat party performance.
*glares at anoop* but that's probably the best he's got...
hate anoop. hate kelly clarkson. hated idol's results tonight. bam.
*sitting in a rocking chair, holding a pipe* lemme tell you youngin's a story
my mom had to make a run to Tops to get bread for dinner but i really love our car so i went along.
*smiles, winks* we have XM radio.
so my mom ran in to get the bread and i stayed in the car. so i turned to my second favorite channel on the XM, channel 47, altnation.
*sunglasses on, spinning ritz* it plays good music.
and 'ghost town' by shiny toy guns came on. i had never heard the song but i was bored so i listening to it. and you know what? i'm HOOKED!!
*points up* the picture at the top is them.
when i got home i bought it from iTunes and put it on my iPod. love that song!
*dancing* we are living in a ghost town!
also on my loop of songs on my iPod i recently got hooked on is 'far more' by the honorary title. i've had it on my iPod for awhile but i'm seriously in love with it know.
*points up again* the title of the post is lyrics from that song.
plus the honorary title was on one tree hill and they sang that song. way coolio.
*light bulb lights* Also!
i just started season 5 of OTH (i know it's been awhile since i talked about THAT!) and so far so good.
*fake crying* i'm still mourning the loss of chris keller...
but i LOVE the character Mia! she's way cool.
*waving a flag with kate voegele on it* yay mia!
and before i forget this posts must watch-see-hear is...
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the oscars* the watch-see-hear goes to...
Like A Brother!
*nodding* yup, more hot gay guy movies.
but in parts of the movie the main character zack seriously reminds me of adam lambert. not visually! but a little bit character wise.
*scoffs* he's was more like zack than edward cullen!
well that's all i've got to say for now. ciao!

live, love, hey monday

PS: ADAM LAMBERT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE JOE JONAS!! goly gee, why do people keep comparing adam to teen phenoms? it's so flustrating XP

7 crayons:

Jillian said...

I HATE "teen phenomenon's'"

devin caster said...

You stole my
"Magic Puerto Rico Man"!
And you didnt even Credit me for that.
I'm hurt, )':
Jk Jk.
I liked Anoop before, but NOT when he sang 'Beat It'!
Honestly, it was SO LAME!

But, enough of this!
*flapping arms at nothing*
Adam, was great, as always.
He's the best!
And I agree, in no way does he or will he EVER! Look like Joe Jonas!
Thats a disgrace! "Teen Phenomenon's" suck.

I'm done. New Post on my blogg.


Just a girl name said...

I have to agree with Jules ( jillian ) I dont " hate " them but they get annoying then again i dont follow Idol so...

anni[eek!]. said...

kelly clarkson; her songs are getting depressing. ew.

hah, joe jonas? you kidding me? XD


devin caster said...

new post on: Purple Dinosaurs, Rainy Days & Devin Caster.

Check It Out!!!

and, Jill...I love your makeup.
Always will!

Graciε ಌ said...

niceeee blog! yep, i'm an american idol junkie, too....we all have our moments. i like alexis grace...her voice is so vivid..and danny gokey and ADAM LAMBERT! nate made me nice blog! :)

Nikki Sorrow said...

Lol yeah It really creeped me out when it came on haha! Thanks for the comment. Awesome blog by the way! :D