February 3, 2009

OK, What just happened??

Date: February 3
Mood: Bloated
Listening To: 'Come Home' by OneRepublic
Famous People Born Today: 1894 Norman Rockwell, 1943 Blythe Danner, 1950 Morgan Fairchild


alright people. idol night?
*nervously biting fingernails* and the news???
adam lambert made it! and he did so while wearing a sexy matrix jacket!
*chibi giant ?* what???
yeah! damn straight! that coat was HOT!!
*chibi flapping* and what about everyone else???
oh yeah! katrina made it (wearing clothes), michael made it, never saw john, never saw cody, never saw shera.
*nodding, proud of herself* i totally loved adam out of the gates.
i'm completely and totally in love with adam it's not even funny!!
*big heart eyes* adam lambert!
but other than american idol, i have to go to the doctor's tomorrow which sucks...
*raincloud overhead* Grrr...
i twisted my knee falling at isabelle's house (see LP's blog for more details)
*limping* ouch. ouch. ouch.
oh! so the other day i was in the shower (i'm not going into any details) but i seriously almost choked!
*pulse mark* i was like holy frik! is that possible?!
well i guess so cause i got water just down my freakin pie hole...
*blushes* embarrassing, i know.
but adam lambert, andrew mcmahon and ryan tedder (yeah, love him 2) make it all better!
*squealing in a high pitched voice* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
and just ONE MORE THING! i finally got LP to watch Supernatural with me! it was the 'after school special' episode that was just on! so go me!
*eyes widen* what?
sam got stabbed right in the chest and that was never resolved! what??
*hugging a pillow* sam!!
well anyway, i gotta go update my mixpod and my profile. anastasia out.

live, love, adam lambert

3 crayons:

Jillian said...

Hey, you did it for me, it was the VEERY least I could to for you!

Yay! Since I found you, you have gained quite a few followers. So YAY!
Love ya, love ur blog!
JILLIAN4* {THE starship}
haha that was totally random!

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

nice blog!!loved it!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

i love Adam too !
He's looks so hot in this pik which you've posted !