April 7, 2009

shazam! you are not a kindly grandmother!

Date: April 7
Mood: overly happy
Listening To: 'Made of Steel' by Our Lady Peace
Famous People Born Today: 1915 Billie Holiday, 1939 Francis Ford Coppola, 1964 Russell Crowe, 1954 Jackie Chan


hey! i'm posting again and it hasn't been a million years!
*puts on her pimp glasses, nods* yesh, i want my props now.
well, this time i actually have stuff to say so let's get the luray weather report out of the way...
*wearing a weatherman coat* currently it is 38 degrees and cloudy here in luray, virginia.
yesh, the weather has been pretty decent lately.
*staring up at the stars* ah... stars still make me think of all time low...
so as you may know... tonight was idol night which 1) means that LP got to come over and watch idol on my hidef and 2) i got to watch the most amazing show ever!
*cocks her head to the side* well dollhouse dominates my thoughts, too...
anyway! songs from the year you were born, eh? it was... alright.
*raincloud overhead* yeah... just "alright."
well the first 5 were danny gokey, kris allen, lil rounds, anoop desai (*hiss*) and scott macintyre.
*boo boo lip* and it was seriously a major drag...
don't get me wrong, i love kris, and he was good (win, win) but seriously...
*rainbow off in the distance* and then the good stuff came!
allison iraheta, matt giruad and adam lambert. no sheeyit, the other 5 were like the opening act for these three.
*holding up letters on poster board* A-M-A-Z-I-N-G amazing!
finally the judges actually said something to allison about her voice and not that she dresses crazy...
*shaking her head* the judges just don't understand scene or emo...
but tonight was good, all in all. still want anoop sent home. but what else is now?
*tapping her chin, thinking* hmm... what else?
oh yes! you know, i realized that it's been 4 or 5 posts since i talked about nathaniel!
*gasps* shocking!
but yes. i'm still following his road to stardom with admiration...
*dreamy sigh* oh nathaniel...
according to his myspace [my personal heaven] he moved to vermont and is saving money to move to new york city or LA!
*eyes sparkle* how bohemian rhapsody of him!
and he just added A LOT more pictures to his myspace which is awesome for me x]
*points up* you see? that's HIM in the post pic!
so for anyone who didn't know, i used nathaniel to play matt in bohemian rhapsody one of my other blogs!
*big smile* yeah, all of the people that follow that blog say they like the chemistry between maria and matt. score!
nathaniel is probably my number 1 musical inspiration. yesh, he's amazing.
*salesman smile* check out bohemian rhapsody if you can!
so anyway, LP and me finally made our together blog!
*winks* shout out to DCas, our first follower!!
and you can check it out here. we make a pretty commercial dynamic so i'm hoping we make a good blogging duo.
*clapping her hands, proud of herself* it's still sort of a work in progress, though...
so anyhow. only a few people may remember this...
*eyes widen, gasps* zomg i mentioned it in my 7th post on december 7th, 2008...
so yeah. there's this girl named isabelle in my homeschooling group [yesh, i'm homeschooled] who is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!
*kicking the dirt* sorry, i dunno if she'd want her picture being put up here...
but you'll just have to believe me. so anyway, isabelle is my current crush. yes, i still think crushes are naive but i can't help it.
*blushes, toothy smile* sorry if it makes anyone uncomfortable, but i'm bi.
so isabelle's birthday is friday so i'm making her cookies and buying her a stuffed animal [she likes those sorts of things] and giving it to her as a birthday present.
*nodding, proud of herself* yeah, i'm a good crush.
but the weirdest and most awkward thing is... i'm 16. she's 13. well, she's turning 14 but she's still so young and pure. it makes me feel a lot older...
*hangs her head* but the worst part has to be...
she's straight. yes, my girl crush [isabelle] is straight and my guy crush [nathaniel] is gay.
*hits her head on her desk* wow, am i lucky or what?
i'm still counting on meeting nathaniel someday and hopefully someday soon! now that the idol craziness is calming down, his fan girls are dropping like flies but NO! i'm still loyal!
*imitating nathan scott of one tree hill* always and forever.
well, well. i think i've babbled long enough. time to wrap things up with anastasia's must watch-see-hear!
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
maybe i'm dreaming! an album from little known owl city! yesh, they are awesome!
*sexy actor glasses fwip with her queemo glasses* and this time, you seriously should try them out. i'm not kidding.
wish me luck this upcoming week! i hope everyone's doing ok! ciao x]

live, love, breathe carolina

PS: just something to ponder, but do i use the "nodding, proud of herself" action every post??
PSS: i just started reading this blog but she deserves a major shout out! it's one of my favorites already! click here to check it out. and trust me, you should.

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devin caster said...

I LOVE the title.
Lol its so great!
And I was kinda wondering when you were gunna mention your Nathaniel again. I was a little worried *worried look*

Haha jk jk but I did like the post. :DDD


_HaNdPrInT_On_ThE_WiNdOw_ said...

Who is Anastasia Zigantai? Is she like an emo model or something?


anni[eek!]. said...

yaaaay for weather people !
breathe carolina is love. i love their songs. all of them<33

anni[eek!]. said...

hot damn, i keep forgetting.
congrats. you just got your first award(:
nsn is love, i agree.
and yes, long hair just isn't my thing anymore.
i find dark hair to look very noticable when short, as odd as it seems. resulting in a haircut(;