April 22, 2009


Date: April 22
Mood: lazy
Listening To: 'Waking Up In Vegas' by Katy Perry
Famous People Born Today: 1923 Aaron Spelling, 1935 Jack Nicholson, 1966 Jeffery Dean Morgan (from Supernatural!!), 1967 Sheyrl Lee, 1967 Sherri Shepherd


hello again guys! another sorry stretch that i didn't post...
*melancholy sigh* so sad...
well things have actually started picking up around here so let's get the weather report out of the way...
*wearing a weatherman coat* currently, it is 47 degrees and cloudy in luray. hometown of anastasia zigantai.
yesh, i DID just refer to myself in third person!
*clears her throat* anyway... let's focus here!
yes, let's focus on what's really important here!
*excited squeal* idol night!
so let's get the business! it was disco night and admittedly i really hate disco and was a little pissed about the theme but it actually turned about pretty smoking hot!
*nodding, proud of herself* yes, i will admit i was wrong.
i won't give any lily-pagan like full idol report but all in all, kris was magnificent, allison was spectacular and adam was glorious.
*puts on her matt hat* but the biggest props?
matt giraud's "stayin' alive!" it was JT-fabulous! no, i'm not kidding i was like "justin timberlake? is that you??" but NO it was matt!
*cheesy smile* which is a good thing since i like matt a lot more than justin timberlake...
then of course the results show was tonight. i was kind of confident that all my favorites would stay so it was all good there but let me tell you...
*shivers* just the memory...
the creepy "disco legends" medley made me wanna look away and mute the TV! i don't understand why they bring back these walking corpse singers to sing on idol! they just make fools of themselves!
*fake crying* whoa is me! so sad!
but i was totally in love with the disco collaboration that paula choreographed! oh my gawd, it was awesome! at first when they all came out all i could think was "WHOA!! that shirt is NOT staying on adam!" because it was falling off the guy but then i got distracted...
*drooling* kris allen's pimp outfit...
F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! he looked really good in it! so pimping, but good. and they all had to wear big sunglasses which was really funny! all and all, this was a major season 8 highlight.
*jumping up and down* and i saw my bromance boys kris and matt doing loads of bromantic fun stuff!
of course, i'm sure LP started getting annoyed when i started pointing out whenever kradam was on stage together being cute.
*evil smile* maybe i didn't mention, but know i'm obsessed with kris and adam as a pairing!
see? i wasn't lying when i said i make way more gay pairings then straight! but let's get onto another idol highlight...
yessss!! i was so happy! i started clapping and i was like "yes! buh-bye anoop!" so sorry to any anoop fans but i was ECSTATIC.
*coughs a few times* okay, let's just move past idol and try to avoid me getting really hyper over kris's pimp outfit...
LP and me have been really dropping the ball on box of chocolates because we should've posted like two weeks ago but we've been busy...
*pish posh hand wave* but i guess that's what everyone says...
so anyway, i'm a little depressed that my last post only got 3 comments...
*shrugs* but that's pretty good so whatever.
seriously, i love getting comments so i always try to comment on my friends blogs and other blogs i like.
*winks* it's karma!
oh my goose! i have the bestest story!
*flapping her hands at nothing* oh my gosh! i can't believe it!
so here i am, bored as hell. so i decide that i'm gonna check nathaniel's myspace just to make sure he's doing ok. (nathaniel + anastasia forever, right DCas?) so i was loading the page... but then...
*chibi look of shock* it had the little "online now" blurb!
so i was like "zomg!! nathaniel's on his myspace right now!!" i was so freaking out!
*slumps in a doomed way* but alas and alack...
when i texted lily-pagan to tell her that he was online she was like "did you take a picture of the screen??" and i was no "NO!!!" so i went back to his myspace page but by then he was offline...
*crying, reaching at the screen* nooooo!! nathaniel!
but wait! there's more! so i go back on his myspace the next night and... lucky day! he was online! and i was like "i am NOT missing this!" and CLICK! now i have a screencap proving that i was indeed on his myspace at the same time as him!
*makes a heart with her hands* and he uploaded more pictures! splee!
speaking of me and nathaniel, i could really afford to post on bohemian rhapsody, too.
*nervously rubbing the back of her head* all in good time...?
so anywho, i started taking a bunch of classes at different outlets for homeschoolers. i was supposed to go to web design yesterday, but i'm considering dropping the class.
*picks up a scroll, reading it* i currently take a class on web design, theater, social justice, creative writing, and more theater. well then i have around the world cooking club and apples to apples club so there's always that...
it's not that many classes, really. but it certainly keeps me busy. i have theater on most days and i take two creative writing classes. busy, busy...
*looks apologetic* see? i really am busy!
but let's get back to classes. there's this girl who's convinced we're friends but really all she does is slap me around and diss me but i can't mouth off with her because she's off medication for absolutely no reason!
*cold wind blows by* crazy victoria...
but worst of all, she's obsessed with adam lambert! you don't know how hard it is to like him when every 6 seconds victoria's like "oh my gawd!! adam!!" she seriously reminds me of tatiana de toro...
*comparing the two in her mind* wouldn't you say, LP?
LP, too, has the misfortune of being victimized by crazy victoria. and believe me, we really really try to avoid her.
*shivers* she has like anastasia radar, i swear...
but all that aside, i have a bunch of classes with nicole, lily-pagan, jayk and dana (my primary people!) which is shweet.
and i'm still feeling empty since there was no dollhouse last friday due to prison break!
*angry mob going after cast of prison break* damn you, prison break!
but dollhouse will be back on friday. yay!
*looks deep in thought* so what else is there to talk about...?
well, i've got nothing else to say and i've surely rambled long enough to keep you satisfied! time for the must watch-see-hear!
*drum roll, opening a letter like on the Oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
Purple Banditos! a blog by my gurlie, DCas!! it's only two chapters in but it's promising for real! and DCas is amazing! don't forget to tell her that!
*smiles brightly* smile Devin Caster! we love you!
so yesh, that's about all... check out that blog soon, you won't be sorry!
*Logan Jay/Kris point* hell yesh, i'm advertising you, D!
hope everyone's doing okay and feel free to comment! i lurv comments, remember that!
*victorious pose* let the good times roll!!

live, love, lady gaga

PS: look forward to a special edition post about me and LP's homeschooling group on Anastasia and Lily-Pagan's Box of Chocolates! coming soon!
PSS: first post i've ended with an action. shweet.
PSSS: sorry i made a blog-o! i had to post this twice...

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Anonymous said...

i loved the disco performance! did you notice that adam was the only one who didn't wear sunglasses? we were able to see his beautiful eyes. =]

Anonymous said...

Well its about time!
haha, just kidding.
I loved it as always.
Just like Adam who will always be amazing! Haha


Lily-Pagan said...

hey annie! loved the post as always! ;)
haha your weird obsession with Nathaniel still baffles me... XD
we should do our Box of Choco post soon...
~LP <321

BlackRoseBend said...

Okay, Sup???

sorry I haven't commented in awhile...
busy too!

Homeschoolers are BUSY people, we are not low life's!
We are the people getting into Ivy League schools for crying out loud! I've been thinking of writing an article called "lies people believe about homeschoolers"
we'll see how that goes.. =]


ps, the deal with my sign off is, that I' playing around with band names, so I want to see which one sounds the coolest, so feel free to comment!
I'm still jill on my profile though!

anni[eek!]. said...

ahaa, i've gotta friend who always talks in third person. he's quite funny.
i always look forward to the weather report for some reason. i know, i'm quite the weirdo(: