May 5, 2009

the good die young

Date: May 6
Mood: antsy
Listening To: 'Ice Box' by There For Tomorrow
Famous People Born Today: 1915 Orson Welles, 1943 Lynn Whitfield, 1947 Alan Dale, 1961 Gina Riley, 1961 George Clooney


who's the slacker blogger??
*waving excitedly* i am! i am!
yesh, alas and alack, i haven't posted in FOREVER.
*fanning herself* sorry all my beloved followers!
well, well, well. i actually have random crap to say so let's get on with the weather report.
*wearing a weatherman jacket* it's 57 degrees and pouring rain in luray, tonight folks.
i have no idea when the rain is gonna let up... it's been raining all day...
*looking sadly out the window, sighs* so sad...
so let's back track to last friday. i have to get a word in...
*reaching at the screen in horror* VICTOR!!! NOOOOO!!!
yesh, alpha made a long awaited appearance on dollhouse on friday. but how did we know it was alpha? well he's pretty much evil and slashes people's faces with a blade like zoro.
*jaw drops in utter horror* but he slashed victor's face!!
he didn't die which was almost worse because then he was just on the ground crying and covering his face for the rest of the scene... dammit, joss whedon!
*snarls* and further more!
it just flat out sucked to be victor for that episode. the first time you saw him they imprinted
him with lawrence dominic (who i miss, personally) and he was strapped into the chair.
*makes a face as if to say "yikes"* that sucks...
and then ballard and boyd broke his pod and they were "fighting on him" and the poor dear was shrieking in horror and seemed traumatized!
*sexy actor glasses swip* but what did we learn from this weeks dollhouse?
dr. saunders might be a doll herself!!
*gasp* no! it can't be!
yeah, it took me a couple times and a few minutes after of deep thinking to figure that one out...
*flips her hair* let me show off my skills.
when victor is imprinted with dominic, he looks over at claire helplessly and says "whiskey." now, since all the dolls names are based on letters of the alphabet, it's likely that claire is the W! which would explain why alpha spared her. also when alpha asked if she's always wanted to be a doctor and she says yes, her snarls "that's not true." maybe because she's a doll!!
*Logan Jay/Kris point* mad skills, right?
yesh, that was truly dollhouse fanatic of me...
*flapping her hands at nothing* but let's skip to what's important here!
tonight and last night were american idol nights! rock week with...
*sudden air guitar, sticks out her tongue* SLASH!!!
i'm a fan of guns & roses and velvet revolver so slash is on my good side. so i was psyched about this week. which totally delivered. adam sang led zeppelin and in the words of my ma "how many things can "every inch of my love" and "a whole lot of love" mean??" adam got it! he was totally sexed up and in one of his moods! oh my gawd! so sexy last night x3
*leans closer and gives him puppy dog eyes* please?
ah-hem... LP gets it. INSIDE JOKE! sorry, moving on...
*gasps excitedly* the kris and danny duet!
yeah, they did duets but they were good so pish posh. kris and danny did 'renegade' which i was really nervous about but i really liked it and kris looked really hawt. it's a win win!
*tapping her chin thoughtfully* actually, kris looked mind numbingly yummy all night...
that's what SHE said! yesh, bet you didn't know i'm a "that's what she said" joke person. sorry! i'm a bit of a perv...
*drooling, panting* well as long as i'm being perverted...
allison and adam did a duet which was really really good. and they have a great dynamic. they could totally record something together. but did you see adam's pants??? skintight. striped. pants. oh my gawd! yum!
*thumbs up* plus me and LP support the pairing of adam and allison. shweet.
but let's get onto the results show before i talk too much about adam last night...
*sad face* the results were depressing... but that's later.
the ford commercial was 100% lame. eh. maybe 90% because adam hair was absolutely terrific. i loved it. weird... the guest performers were paula abdul, daughtry and no doubt.
*looks totally lost* i dunno what to say.
paula's was amazing choreographed and not so amazingly lip-synced. no doubt was so bizarre that i told my mom to fast forward through them and daughtry... chris daughtry is really good and i love daughtry. but i will admit they sound A LOT like shinedown.
*rolls her eyes in disgust* they sing 'second chance' for radio hoppers.
so the guest performances were okay. just a'ight as randy would say. but the cut was brutal and made me sad...
*boo boo lip* allison got cut. and she DID NOT deserve it.
but i'm trying to be optimistic so i don't wanna get into danny gokey. let's just say i really really hate him and really liked allison. idol performances were awesome but idol results were strange.
*poses victoriously* my homeschooling is going well, though!
GLEE! by the way, i think i'm gonna pick up watching glee. anyone else? anyway, victoria was really nice to me last thursday and friday but when i saw her again on monday she was back to being crazy and bitchy. and today she told me my headband was stupid.
*squeals like a wounded puppy* i had a headband in that queemo way on today...
but vanessa (her sister) was really nice to me the whole time. yay! i'm pretty sure i'm her idol because she follows me most places and picks up my catchphrases and such.
*Church lady face* I'm not just flattering myself.
i've been working a lot at a little local theater here so i've been kind of busting my butt all week. i'm pretty tired at this point. mebs. one of the theater classes i'm taking in run by that place so i'm acting there. i was in their summer camp which was... interesting...
*poses glamorously* i was in their production of Les Miserables.
er... the part i got is unimportant. i'm just happy to have it on my resume, you know? needless to say, i like acting. but i'm kinda a bad singer. i'm not TERRIBLE (i hope) but i'm by no means good.
*nodding, proud of herself* but seriously, i was sick when i auditioned for les miserables so i've kinda been telling myself that's why i got such a minor part.
gadzooks! look at the time! i better wrap things up! er... make shift!
*opening a letter like on the oscars, looking more nervous than usual* the must watch-see-hear goes to...
the bride wars! yesh, me and LP ordered it on netflix because she wanted to see it. i really didn't think i'd like it but it was coolio. plus bryan greenburg from one tree hill was in it so the first we saw him on screen i was like "it's jake!!" haha. it was fun anyway. we ended up throwing popcorn at each other and i got to wear my muffin pjs!!
*totoro smile* yes, i have pajamas with chibi muffins on them. be jealous...
so maybe it's just the good memories i made with lily-pagan by watching it but kate hudson rawks. so i would recommend it to anyone.
*uncle sam point* even you!
so anywho, i better skidaddle. i hope all of you are doing well! ta-ta for now! i'll post again soon!
*shifty eyes* or at least i'll try to...

live, love, nevershoutnever!

PS: do sparrows really love the snow?? saltwater room reference, but really.
PSS: this week is the dollhouse season finale! and it might not get renewed! eek!

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anni[eek!]. said...

ahaa, Slash. I dressed up as him on Halloween.
Fucking awesome XD
I could not follow along with most of what you were saying, due to the fact that I'm sooo sloww.

But in the words of nevershoutnever!, I'm a real big fan of yours, (:

Owl City<33