May 22, 2009

self belief only comes from one person

Date: May 22
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let me start by saying two things. number one...
*flapping her hands at nothing* i'm sorry for not posting! i've been busy...
and number two. i have waaaaay too many things to talk about this time so this post might seem way too long. sorry and i hope you all get through it. so let's move on with the weather report brought to you by marvelous me!
*wearing a weatherman coat* currently it is 75 degrees and partly cloudy.
so what's new by me? well, i made a new blog!
*heavy sigh* yeah, i know. i probably don't need another one.
but this one is for my short stories! you can go to it here for more details...
*cheesy smile* yeah, i haven't posted yet...
well, i wrote a whole story but then i hated it and i got rid of it. sorry guys! i'll post something up there soon.
*tapping her chin thoughtfully* other news...
EGAD! oh yes! i missed the dollhouse season finale because of my DVR!
*sobbing* nooooo!!
and i asked the crazy v's because they watch it to (just another love of mine for them to ruin for me) and they started talking at the same time and all i could make it is "dr. claire is a doll!"
*blank stare, cold breeze* i already knew that...
so alas and alack, i have no idea how things resolved on dollhouse. so sad.
*sobs again* and they announced that terminator: the sarah connor chronicles isn't getting renewed. anti-glee...
i haven't gotten a chance to watch it, but glee is on my DVR for me and LP's future veiwing.
*rain cloud overhead* oh gosh, trying to think of happy news is surprisingly difficult...
ooh! i watched the season finale of supernatural and that rocked seriously hard.
*makes a heart with her hands* love my winchester boys!
also i'm way happy that DCas is feeling better now! i was gonna email her the instructions on how to change her commenting format because i know how to have a coolio background and still have functioning comments.
*points to devin caster* email me at young lady!
and she was saying how much adam lambert inspired her. i won't steal him from her, but i too was inspired by adam. i'm thinking about taking a serious career path in theater, musical or non-musical.
*happy sigh* but adam has helped me shake the dust off that dream
i'm still an adam fan. always was. i wasn't be upset that kris won, because he's really amazing in his own right, but i'm still an adam fan till death.
*gasps* and of course kradam!
what is kradam you ask? the romantic pairing of kris allen and adam lambert of course!
*nodding, proud of herself* they're the new cookstro!
but seriously, i love them as a pairing beyond belief! you can check me out at..
*rainbow overhead* only the best place on the web!!
yesh, i actually have a sign in and a profile and stuff! i'll put the link on my sidebar.
*heavy sigh* but before we get too far from american idol, let me get in a quick word.
i love adam lambert. i really like kris allen. i couldn't lose. almost all of the guest performances were mind numbingly sexy. except for those featuring anoop desai. it was a great idol finale.
*sniffling* i cried. no really.
not because i was sad that adam lost. because it was by far my favorite season of idol and i'm completely heartbroken that it's over.
*reaching at the TV* noooo! come back season 8!
more than half of the blogs i follow posted about idol though, and soon enough LP will post a full report about idol here and we'll probably up up talking about it on box.
*sticks out her tongue* that's short for anastasia and lily-pagan's box of chocolates.
well, whenever i post about american idol i get about 8 crayons and whenever i post about homeschooling i get about 1 crayon so it's pretty obvious what i should talk about if i want crayons.
*rolls her eyes* but there's way too much to cover!
i have to get a word in about the epic creative writing battle. well...
*sitting in a rocking chair with a dusty book* there once were too girls named anastasia and lily-pagan...
we're homeschooled. and please don't ask me what i'm doing about college! because that's what every single person i tell i'm homeschooled asks me.
*anime pulse overhead* i'm gonna GO to college! that's what i'm gonna do!
but anyway, we take a class is creative writing because as you know, we love to write. we have it with june and chrissy who are really awesome. i call chrissy chirp. and kyle and david. kyle is june's brother and david is this really nice guy who's friends with kyle. and of course...
*ice cold wind blows by* crazy victoria and crazy vanessa.
crazy vanessa is my little fan girl. she follows me around and repeats all my catchphrases.
*air quotes* "hey love" and "dear lawd" being two of them.
she's not THAT bad. she's not a crazy obsesses-er the way victoria is. she's just really energetic i guess.
*eye twitches* i sympathize a lot more with her.
so anywho, the teacher emailed our parents and said that there were some people in the class who annoyed her and her wanted to kick them out basically.
*snarls* seriously, julie! grow a set!
she's so unprofessional. it irks me. grr... so in the email it was really obvious that she was talking about me, LP, and the crazy sisters. so we had to be extra quiet this week so she didn't kick us out.
*shrugs* the crazy V's i can live without but not my writing.
so we came into the center (it's in an old school) and of course i was wise and brought my sunglasses. why did this help?
*laughs* because then crazy victoria couldn't tell if i was making eye contact or not!
she always tries to talk to me while i'm in the middle of something but she gets pissed if i don't look directly at her. sunglasses to the rescue!
*clears her throat* anyway.
lucky lily-pagan got to sit next to june and chrissy because she came in the other door to the room but i was stuck with crazy victoria.
*reaching for LP* come back to me!
i did some good writing and maybe i'll continue one of them for 18 Days. but crazy victoria kept writing about adam. and i was like "hey! ass munch! didn't you get the email? it said inside jokes piss her off!"
*snarls again* of course julie (the teacher) doesn't have to balls to kick anyone out.
but victoria kept saying "oh, well, this will make sense to SOME people..." and then she read "he had weird things that looked like cages on his shoulders."
*jaw drops* hey! genius! only lady gaga and adam wear cages on their shoulders! i'll give you a ZERO for creativity!
it was horrible. she a bad writer, too. and now she thinks she can write songs. and she's tonedeaf.
*smiles enthusiastically* it just keeps getting better, doesn't it?
but the goods news is that we didn't get kicked out and i got some good starts. so overall i guess it was a win.
*looks up at the post* err... i think that was long enough.
it doesn't seem like it, but i guess it is. i'll just get to the watch-see-hear.
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
GLEE!!! i haven't actually watched it yet but it is going to be amazing!
*Totoro smile* i LOVE shows about the workings of a theater group!
you always have the jock that is a really good singer and dancer and the prima dona who everyone puts up with because they're amazing and the queen who can't stand the prima dona. it's great.
*Uncle Sam point* that's why i want YOU to watch GLEE!
well, i should be posting soon because i forgot how much i loved posting but i still have to post on 18 Days and maybe me and LP will post on box because she's coming over later.
*peace sign* ciao! hope everyone's doing okay!

live, love, taking back sunday

PS: sorry, i still love idol! i just didn't want to do all the works about the finale!
PSS: did anyone else read that story about how gene simmons was a bitch to adam and said he didn't have the chops to sing rock? gene simmons is a bitch! adam was a great voice and he totally sings Kiss better that you, gene simmons!
PSSS: picture of me with the the post. you can see my brown hair! yes, my hair is actually black but you can sometimes see brown lowlights in the sun. x3

6 crayons:

Lily-Pagan said...

i'm sorry i left you all by yourself with crazy Victoria!
she writes songs?? fo' thewious?? wow... how disgusting. *vomit*
i know right? i HATE HATE HATE how she writes about Adam all the time! ARG!! blech i hate her.
hopefully we can watch Glee later! i wanna see it! glee! x]

Lily-Pagan said...

oh and btw Gene Simmons is a TOTAL B!+©H for dissing Adam! Adam's better than you, Gene! we all know you just wish you were Ozzy Ozborn! xO

anni[eek!]. said...

hah. my friend's a complete american idol fan. and I gasped with her when she told me who won, and who lost. (:
I personally, don't really care what you post. Imma still give you a crayon(;

Jillian Jett said...

Okay, most of my friends (and maybe even me, although never exactly expressed my thoughts on the matter)
Like Kris. There are some things that Adam stands for that I don't nesscesarily agree with, but you get to decide who you like.

Haha, I might be taking some courses at Stanford over the summer. I really hate it when people treat us homeschoolers like idiots. We're totally not. Hope you can stay in your class.


Yerika Reyes said...

I am not a huge AI fan so no comment about that...I am also sorry for not posting, commenting, etc, etc...But i am here and I am Back to blogging!
So with taht said...
I LOVE the pic so cuteee XD

anni[eek!]. said...


oh yes, by the way: when I meant I didn't care, I meant no matter what I'm always going to end up commenting and finding it interesting. sorry for the confusion. (: