May 26, 2009

we can't all be angels

Date: May 26
Mood: spontaneous
Listening To: 'Diamonds' by Breathe Carolina
Famous People Born Today: 1907 John Wayne, 1920 Peggy Lee, 1951 Sally Ride, 1964 Lenny Kravitz


alright so let me make a declaration.
*light bulb overhead* like david cook!
me and lily-pagan just saw star trek for the 3rd time earlier. and i was reading dcas's blog and she loves it, too.
*Aretha head* so before anyone says it...
chekov belongs to lily-pagan. spoc belongs to dcas. kirk belongs to me!
*shrugs* what are blogger friends without a common thread?
chris pine (kirk) was so adorable in the movie! and i know that's nowhere near original, but what the hell?
*fan girl heart overhead* i love chris pine/kirk!
i've been seriously missing your comments, dcas! come back to me!
*spins chair around* moving on...
yes indeed. i had a memorial picnic with me, my mom, LP, nicole, her mom and her dad. i actually hadn't seen nicole in awhile so that was sweet.
*kicking at the ground* awhile being about a week...
but apparently, nicole got a new boyfriend. what?? i feel so out of the loop... she gets a new boyfriend about once a month. i love you, nicole. but seriously, your obsession with boyfriends is bizarre and foreign to me.
*raises eyebrows curiously* his name's misha.
yesh, me and LP know him. he's in our homeschooling group. i started calling him my brother for really no reason so now i'll just be like "hey, brother!" and he's just like "hi, anastasia..."
*cheesy smile* i dunno if he's that amused by me.
but anyway, me, nicole and lily-pagan are planning a midsummer party. i immediately called DJ even though i know i'll probably have to share it with jayk.
*kissy face* jayk is obsessed with music, like me.
i have no idea if we'll even have music. and in the back of my mind i'm a little freaked out because like half the people in this group must live under a rock!
*hangs her head* i dunno what music they listen to...
jayk likes stuff like ACDC, KISS and van halen. and nicole likes j-rock. other than that, i dunno what they hella bolloo these people listen to!
*cold breeze* and of course the crazy v's listen to adam... way too much...
it's hard to find a common ground. and i know dana listens to the kind of stuff on pandora radio. and june and chrissy are radio hoppers. but really, i have friends that i have no idea what they listen to.
*snaps her fingers* but the best part is...
we're making it invite only so we don't have to suffer the crazy v's!
*fist pump* yes!!!
so this midsummer party sounds like loads of fun. no sarcasm. just fun.
*contented sigh* so much glee, so little crazy v's...
me and LP still have to do that post about our homeschooling group for box, so i'll keep you posted there. so anyway- WAIT!!!!!
*world stops turning* i forgot the weather report!!
how could i?? it's the opening part of every post! eek! i've gotta put it in ASAP!
*wearing a weatherman coat, clearly flustered* currently it is 57 degrees and raining with a slight bit of hail.
phew! my aura is back the way it's supposed to be... so let's move on like that way supposed to happen, shall we?
*hangs her head* lately, i've been so uninspired in my writing...
i sat at my computer for about an hour yesterday trying to post on 18 days and NOTHING came to mind. complete white noise.
*blank stare* isn't it tragic?
it's so sad how other writers are supposed to inspire you. but i was reading this blog the other day and i was just like... "this girl is good. i'm lily white by comparison."
*rose swipe* as i always say, writers are 90% creativity and 10% jealousy.
alas, i know i need to post on both of my writing blogs but i'm so conflicted.
*zachary quinto black stare, develops vulcan ears* i find myself as conflicted as i once was as a child.
it's a line in the new star trek. and yes, my and lily-pagan are those people you hate how say all the lines to each other. actually, it's just the previews. we shut up for the actual movie.
*coughs a few times* as i was saying.
i have absolutely no inspiration for a short story and bohemian rhapsody is turning out so bubblegum teeny bopper and predictable. i hate it.
*poses dramatically* to write or not to write!
i dunno if i should continue bohemian rhapsody or replace it with something less teeny bopper and predictable. thoughts are welcome!
*uncle sam point* i want YOU to leave me a crayon.
also, i was thinking of revamping this layout. i've had it since early january. and lily-pagan just redid the look to her blog so i'm especially wondering.
*shrugs* what can i say? i'm a leftist.
so if you have any thoughts on the matter, leave me a crayon. to change the template, or not to change the template? that is the second question.
*big pleading eyes* i need your thoughts! please leave a crayon!
especially you, DCas! i miss your crayons ):
*tapping her chin* and that's all for now, i guess...
it's not as long as it usually is i don't think, but i just wanted to get back into the habit of posting. so i'll give you the watch-see-hear and move along.
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the watch-see-hear goes to...
what else? STAR TREK! amazing movie. much love for JJ Abrams.
*nodding, proud of herself* i watch lost and fringe.
but heroes annoys me. but overall, JJ Abrams has major props from anastasia.
*peace sign* peace, love, JJ Abrams!
hope you're all doing very well! don't forget to crayon! i love getting them!
*Chris Pine intense face, sitting in the captain chair* anastasia out.

live, love, the starting line

PS: i got a facebook the other day. i'm still figuring out, but when i do, i'll post a link on the sidebar and maybe in the post. facebook is so confusing right now... O.O
PSS: rally for california gay marriage! whoot whoot!!

2 crayons:

devin caster said...

Ohk! I'm back!
Haha, I must admit, Kirk is pretty fly. I'd like to do him, but he's yours! Haha, we're such nerds B)

Anyways! my blog is being stupid and wont let anyone comment...i dont know why bbut it makes me sad :( But! It is good that we have claimed our men haha, no fighting here!

Lily-Pagan said...

Kirk is fly? lol
love love love the new layout! and the header is beyond adorable! much love for you and your bloggie!