June 1, 2009

you're awful, i love you!

Date: June 1
Mood: sick yet giddy
Listening To: 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers
Famous People Born Today: 1926 Marilyn Monroe, 1930 Edward Woodward, 1937 Morgan Freeman, 1975 Alanis Morissette


do you notice something different about the blog? well... do ya?
*happy flapping* that's because the whole thing is totally new!
i didn't change the name and go the whole nine yards, but i got a new temple and header, i only show one post and the sidebar is way shorter.
*sparkles in her eyes* much joy.
err i better just give you the whether report before i forget.
*wearing a weatherman coat* it's now 67 degrees and cloudy in this lovely part of virginia.
yes, it is still pretty warm for this late at night.
*gestures to the sidebar* let me say one thing quickly...
20 followers? my love, that is excellent. considering i used to have a no face blog that i practically had to beg people to follow, this is improvement. thank you all for sticking with me!
*shifty eyes* err i know most of you haven't been following this very long. but nevertheless, thanks.
so what shall our first topic of the night be...? hmm...
*sighs* i'm sorry, but i just have to weigh in on this.
susan boyle. i HATE her. i watched her audition on youtube and i was like "hot dayumm this lady can siing!" but the more i watched the more i was like...
*jaw drops* "wow, she can sing, but is she a conceited bitch or what??"
and then she had all her public meltdowns and i was like "get a GRIP!" and then her boyfriend judge pierce morgan came rushing to her side, blogging about how people should give her a break. and i was like...
*puts on a flat brimmed hat, channeling chris brown* "yo! she's a media hungry spaz! how about YOU give ME a break!"
and then when i heard she didn't win i was just like "phew!" yeah, i guess sorry to any who liked her. but keep in mind i never said she couldn't sing!
*pish posh hand wave* but "blog" is basically another word for "opinion"
and now i've heard that she was admitted to a mental hospital and i'm just like "it took you that long to figure out she's unwell? really people?"
*bats eyelashes* but all that aside... is there anything cheerful to talk about?
ahh i've been missing lily-pagan because she went to hopewell (also in virginia) to help her uncle move.
*sticks out her tongue* LP has a crazy and confused family. i won't go into details.
speaking of family, the good news is that i might be able to go see my brother gabe and my dad this summer! glee!
*boo boo lip* yes, my parents are divorced.
but they live in knoxville, tennessee. so it takes us about 7 or 8 hours to drive there.
*smiles cheerfully* but i usually only see him in the summer and then around christmas time so it's worth the drive!
gabe is three years older than me. we've always been pretty close because we can still call and text and stuff.
*pokes her cheeks* and then of course his adorable girlfriend!
yes, he has this adorable girlfriend of 1 year and 5 months now. her name is bailey. she's only a year older than me so that's ultra coolio.
*Kris/Logan Jay point* bailey -> mucho love
people usually think that people with divorced parents must have had tortured lives and unfortunately sure some have. not me. nope. my parents both love me and gabe, they just don't love each other.
*sigh of relief* and there was no heated custody battle because they just both agreed that it would be much harder on us to have custody problems.
see? they both have our best interests at heart. so gabe and my dad live in knoxville and me and my mom live in luray. and we all get together over the summer and around christmas.
*beaming with pride* so very luckily for me, it's a good life.
but yes, expect many posts of amusing tales from tennessee.
*dramatic announcer voice* coming summer 2009!
but the one trouble is... i have been soooo sick! blurg, it's awful.
*sways faintly* i've puked 6 times in the last two days...
i'm feeling a little better and i even made my mom take me to the chinese buffet that i always go to with dana.
*makes a heart with her hands* gotta love that panda buffet!
so despite my apparent flu, i got to go to lunch with my mom and start getting excited over my summer in tennessee! glee!
*counting on her fingers* but we usually only stay in tennesse for about two to three weeks. but i'll bring my laptop or just blog from gabe's so never fear!
*wearing a cape* anastasia is here!
well anyway, it's getting late and i should catch some sleep because i'm feeling ill. let me just give out the must watch-see-hear.
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
abbey road! an album by the beatles! ha ha ha i just got into my older music and stuff and i'm loving my abbey road and joshua tree.
*Uncle Sam point* it's a must watch-see-hear!
well, good night everyone and i hope that everyone is healthier than me but still having just as good of a day as me!
*blowing kisses* muah! love you all!

live, love, U2

PS: ahh so irked by all this fuss over twilight and the new moon trailer. reminded me, what's so special about it?? rob pattinson is fugly! AHH!
PSS: lmao did you see some of the fashion at the MTV movie awards? hideous! my inner flaming queen always finds the red carpet the funnest part of award shows. x]

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Sweet Strawberries said...

HAH! I totally agree with you about Susan Boyle, yes, she can sing, but come on! and when you say panda buffet, do you mean the rice panda or panda's rice bowl? I LOvE THAT PlACE!!!
Hit Back or Tag Back or whatever

Lily-Pagan said...

hey lovey! loved your post as usual! and i'm keeping to our agreement: you birdie me i crayon you! plus it's time for a nonsensical note! glee! x]

Angel and Princess are hitting some Fo' ThEwIoUs rough waters!! will they pull through?? or is this one nutty stunt too many??
Prosti and Angel will be super cute with their makeover thing! they are so cute! maybe it PrAngel dies, Prosgel can begin!
why did you write out Tim and Wiggles?? i LoVeD them lots! is it because of Claudia? mrr...
what's gonna happen to Matt and Alicia now that Jerachi is back? do you think he'll effect their relationship? i haven't really decided how long he's gonna be there... if Alicia won custody of him, then he might have to stay the whole year. hmm...

anni[eek!]. said...

Conceited people don't get too far in life anyway. Her talent will fade away with fans, (:
loool. New Moon. I want to see the movie simply to say, "if one fan squeals, we're outta here."