June 12, 2009

sing us the song of the century

Date: June 12
Mood: restless
Listening To: 'Look After You' by The Fray
Famous People Born Today: 1924 George Bush, 1928 Richard M. Sherman, 1929 Anne Frank, 1930 Jim Nabors, 1951 Brad Delp


ahh i haven't been on blogger in so long...
*shrugs excitedly* it's exciting!
i missed you all and i missed posting. but alas...
*looks dramatically into the middle-distance* let us look forward, not back.
time for the weather report! yes, you either find this annoying or love it, yeah?
*wearing a weatherman coat* right now it is 68 degrees and cloudy in beautiful luray, virginia.
so what is new in my life [other than the weather]? let us see...
*tapping chin thoughtfully* hmm... well...
i'm loving the new green day album, for serious. it's a little repetitive, but it's really good!
*eye twitches* the only thing that could ruin such a lovely thing?
the fact that crazy victoria likes green day, too.
*mourning* why does she have all the same likes as me??
and lucky for her, she just completely ignores my bestie lily-pagan now!
*snarls* well, well. lucky lily!
not me. nope. she has a vice grip on me and i don't know how...
*hangs head* but alas, i'm under specific instruction to be nice to her...
basically so she doesn't rip my head off since she's famous for it. my friend june was telling me horror stories of crazy victoria before i joined the homeschooling group.
*cracks whip* somehow, i tame her. crazy, right?
but seriously she was talking about how she used to cut off chunks of her hair and stab herself with needles. okay, i understand self harm, but that seems a little weird.
*smiles encouragingly* i've known cutters, i write for cutters. i understand, don't worry.
but that bitch is on the crazy train, because i've never seen mood swings quite like that!!
*rubs her hands together, joyously* but you know why i'm happy?
my mom bought me the adam lambert rolling stone! ahh i've already read it, too. i won't go into details, because i want you to read it for yourself, but i'm utterly unaffected by him being gay.
*rubbing her face on the cover* and of course, the pics were gorgeous!
and part of me just wanted to see what he was like without the Idol sweetener. short answer?
*holding up letters like a cheerleader* A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
seriously, he's so funny and sharp. it's awesome. if there was a must watch-see-read, he would win one.
*Uncle Sam point* nevertheless! i want YOU to read adam in the rolling stone!
ahh i love the rolling stone. the same magazine that brought me the fabulous news that lady gaga is bi. i was like... "yeah sister! me too!"
*rolls her eyes* of course crazy victoria was bitching about that, too.
and she was like "did you know lady gaga is bi? but her only attraction to women is physical." and i was just like "oh, that's okay. she could be my friends with benefits."
*cold breeze blows by* and then there was silence.
i have a habit of blurting out socially inappropriate comments at random. it's not a disease or anything, it's just kind of quirk.
*hangs head in shame* you may have already noticed that though...
speaking of my quirks, i have the explain my newest one [it also explains the random emo thing at the top.] so anyway, i have this habit of saying something is so "hardcore."
*recalling all the times i've said "hardcore"* A LOT.
i'm not sure why or when it started. but i tend to say something like "oh yes, he's so hardcore." i can't stop myself. i just seem to say it.
*cocks her head* isn't that so hardcore?
anyway, on one of my all time favorite blogs, she made a list of things she wanted to do over the summer. and since summer is approaching, i figured i'd make mine. [homage to anni[eek!]]
  • break into that abandoned house by the park
  • see star trek 7 times before it's out of theaters
  • stand up to julie, the queen bitch of thespian camp
  • come out to all my friends that didn't already know
  • sneak into movies i didn't pay to see [got idea from anni[eek!]]
  • get more auditions for theaters and do well! [ambitions]
  • walk to hayden's house and make her take a walk with me
  • dye the blue back into my hair, shortly followed by convincing crazy victoria i didn't do it because adam has black hair with a blue streak
  • belt out don't stop believin' downtown with LP and nicole
  • get matt giraud to follow me on twitter!!!
i could probably think of more, but those are my top 10.
*laughs* yeah, the one about matt is real.
i'm kind of weird and quirky, but it's absolutely no fun at all to be normal, am i right?
*fist pump* right!
also, a new exciting release to chase down the new green day album!
*flapping hands at nothing* Fired Up! came out on DVD!!
and of course, i own it. i have to have lily-pagan over to watch it, since i saw it in the theater with danielle. i think she'd be a little freaked out by it, but it's great!
*flips hair, sparkles come out* pop some popcorn, get into my muffin pajamas, watch some Fired Up! with LP...
oh! i've got another confession. and this one is pretty weird and kind of creepy.
*shifty eyes* i have a growing obsession with little girls.
not sexually!! no, no, no! just that they're so cute and sweet. of course, LP freaked out when i said that i liked the blonde ones the best. but nicole thinks little girls are adorable, too.
*thumbs up* so at least i have someone to be creepy with!
speaking of nicole and creepy things. nicole has been egging me on to kiss isabelle. but i think that would completely blow her straight little mind. and it might ruin our friendship...
*yikes face* oh ouch...
but if i ever move away, or she ever does, i'm puckering up, babe.
*the room falls silent* socially inappropriate outbursts like that...
well, before i say too much, i better just deliver the must watch-see-hear and skidaddle.
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
the friends with benefits - EP by electric valentine! yes, it's very obscure but you can get it on iTunes if you have it. i love electric valentine, too.
*nodding, proud of herself* crazy sexy dance music. yes sir.
well, i'll try to post again soon on this blog and my other blogs. take care everyone! and don't forget to leave me a crayon! love those things!
*blowing kisses* muah! goodnight!

live, love, a kiss could be deadly

PS: does anyone ever actually check out what i recommend for the must watch-see-hear? just curious, you know?
PSS: this post has been so hardcore x]

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Lily-Pagan said...

lolz loved this post!
Nicole has been egging you on to kiss Isabelle?? really?? weird...
lol now i have to make a summer to-do list! and yesh, we totally have to watch Fired Up! and belt out our Journey! lol i'm no Lea Michele, but i did have to sing the national anthem that one time...
huggles!! lolz like Kradam! xD


Yerika Reyes said...
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anni[eek!]. said...

Pon and Zi<33
I love the summer to-do list and I saw my creditt(;
make it longer for suree, my full version is on livejournal. (:
The Rolling Stone. Sahhweet.

Yerika Reyes said...

I hope u got mt tweet on twitter...
I think u will find it rather interesting
4 u and LILY!!

Limer said...

Uh hi. Im limer and I love music also so uh... ya.
my blog:

anni[eek!]. said...

ohh,yess. band camp is [sadly] only a week long. sometimes two, but i'd rather not have gone all the way to minnesota from over here in IL. :p

Sweet Strawberries said...

i want to make a summer to do list, but our town is really boring. pretty much all i do is go to the used bookstore/cafe(yea, we have one, be jealous) and go to the public pool. but that sucks cuz some rather portly man broke the diving board. But hey, good luck with yours, especially #10. btw, shouting socially explicit things is my quirk too, but yours sounds like you always say these things at the exact WRONG time.
hit back