January 18, 2009

Mya ha lol!

Date: January 18
Mood: Bored
Listening To: 'Make Damn Sure' by Taking Back Sunday
Famous People Born Today: 1882 A.A. Milne, 1892 Oliver Hardy, 1904 Carey Grant, 1955 Kevin Costner


You know, it's been awhile since I did one of my top 10 music list!
*confetti falls* Yeah baby! Music is my love!

1. 'Not Meant To Be' by Theory Of A Deadman
2. 'Over and Over' by Three Days Grace
3. 'Fuzzy Blue Lights' by Owl City
4. 'Believe Me, I'm Lying' by Forever The Sickest Kids
5. 'Feel Good Drag' by Anberlin
6. 'Make Damn Sure' by Taking Back Sunday
7. 'Don't Trust Me' by 3 Oh! 3
8. 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley
9. 'Drunken Lament' by Ludo
10. 'Vulnerable' by Secondhand Serenade

I don't have 1 or 9 on my Mixpod which really sucks, though...
*rain cloud overhead* Bummer.
On a different topic. I was listening to the radio and I heard 'Lovebug' by The Jonas Brothers.
*lightbulb overhead* Hey!
LP loves the Jonas Brothers. But I've had mixed feelings about them. It went like this. "Who?" "I love the Jonas Brothers!" "They're so lame ass and over rated!" "I <3 JB!!" "They're pretty cute." And that's where I am now.
*seriously emo people point at me* Sell out!!
It took me awhile to come to the full out emo listening pallet. And The Jonas Brothers are NOT emo!
*LP jumps up and down* JB! JB! JB!
But the Jonas Brothers are pretty cool. And Lily-Pagan is awesome.
*Lily-Pagan rubs her face on the CD* Purrrrr....
So on our last topic of the day, the Disney Channel. All the shows on that channel are so cheezy!
*melted on the couch, watching Hannah Montana* Oh... my... GOD!!
Sometimes I watch it when I have nothing to do. But there's so many lame ass shows on that channel.
*melted on the couch, watching That's So Raven* You can't be serious...
Well that's all for now. Until then, Anastasia's logging out loud!

Live, Love, Panic at the Disco
Anastasia <3:)

5 crayons:

Jillian said...

Wow, LOVE your blog!
Hmmm, I feel the same way about the JBs.
I mean, I would never say I liked them, cos then my friends would look at me like I admitted being a vampire, or something.

Disney shows ARE cheezy.
Totally. But if u r REALLY bored, and depressed, and feel like you need to laugh or else you're gonna die, then they can be slightly funny.

*high five, ollies onto a ramp with iphone in hand*
I live to skate!
If you go into my archives, I have a entry called "My skating story 1&2, if you more info on that. So.

Live for music!
I was in a emo band, but we broke up, so now I'm just in a rock band, *sigh*.

Are you into all that cutting jazz?
Sorry if that's too personal.
I found your blog through Ethica.

Okay, later skater

Jillian said...


I always feel like huggin people that skate.
I know, weird, and inappropriate.
But, especially us girls, who don't care if it's "Not a girl thing to do". We defy the odds.

It isn;t the same as ice skating. I am going to talk bout that in a post.

About the cutting, I don't, but several of my frieds do/did. But like I said, I don't like it in the least bit.

LOLz, you are one of the few bloggers I totally identify with.
Later Skater,

ChipotleChick said...

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! you're blog is my blogs hero. seriously my blog is like totally worshipping your blog at this point! Why? because my blog is a kiss-up, that's why!

Ok, sorry, it's midnight here and i had a lot of coffee and you know how that works. Ok, staying on topic now,

I don't like the musical stylings of the JB's, but Joe's a hottie, Nick's a sweetie/talented, and Kevin's got a great personality.

UGH the Disney Channel sometimes scares me with their lack of meaningful or even well-acted shows. are these seriously the shows the future of America is watching? i shudder at the thought!

I loves all things music, except for the JB's and the dreaded Hannah Montana

O!! and sorry. i'm just a random person randomly posting on your blog cause what else is there to do at 1 A.M? I'm just posting my unwanted opinion and being generally annoying. I hope you don't mind!

ChipotleChick said...

and i totally forgot to mention how much i love your blog. so....I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that oughta do it

aniiAMP. said...

owl city. owl city. owl city.
I love fuzzy blue lights!!!
I found it off of youtube!
you love their other songs, too?
love your posts lately.