January 8, 2009

All aboard the 2009 express!!

Date: January 8
Mood: Sleepy
Listening To: 'Umbrella' by All Time Low
Famous People Born Today: 1935 Elvis Presley, 1937 Shirley Bassey, 1947 David Bowie


Whoa whoa wubzies! 2009 already... You know what that means? Time for new years resolutions!
*colorful confetti falls* "Yay! Yipee! Wha hoo!" *cheesy game show host smile*
Oh. Ahem, ahem. As you may have noticed i just overhauled this whole freakin' blog! New layout everything! In hopes that this blog might catch your eye more easily!
*rapid blinking* "Pretty colors!" *vapid smile* "Me likey..."
So getting back to what i was trying to say! Resolutions!!

* STOP yelling for no good reason (WHY?!?!)
* STOP throwing temper tantrums every time someone mentions Twilight (but it's DUMB!)
* STOP taking NQuil in the middle of the day (ZzZzZzZz...)
* STOP using inside jokes around people who don't know what they mean (but it's so fun!)
* TRY working on my balance ball more (i love that thing!)
* TRY to watch a comedy (but i love OTH and TSCC!)
* TRY to get New Kids From The Block and Kelly Clarkson dropped from their labels (mya ha ha ha!)
* TRY to clean my room (but clutter = comfort, right??)

And believe me, never bad talk Twilight in front of people who live for it! They totally freak!
*fan girl fanning her face with her hand* "EDWARD!!! MARRY ME EDWARD!!!"
My friend Dawn got soooooo mad and went all Edward fan girl on me when I said it was stupid. But it is!
*Uncle Sam pointing at Dawn* "We'll talk later, misses..."
Well Lily-Pagan has discovered a new obsession. Mario Baseball for Wii! She really kicks my butt but it's fun. Sometimes it's hard to get her off of it though!
*dragging LP out her front door, LP still grasping her Wii remote* "We're going OUT."
And another thing I got totally sick and had to bail on me and Jayk's plans! We were gonna go to the skate park. But i've been on pretty much a DayQuil a day so it's for the best.
*sneezes into tissue* "Thorry, Jayk!" *sneezes into tissue*
Anyway! I've gotta run! Happy 2009 everyone!

Live, Love, Boys Like Girls.
Anastasia <3:)

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