December 24, 2008

13 Reasons To Update My Mixpod

here are the 13 new songs that i want on my mixpod! they're all really good! no mixpod is complete without them! wait until you read number 13. i'm still laughing! ha ha ha! disney is so stupid but i love it!
1. 'Feel Good Drag' by Anberlin
2. 'Fingertips' by The Urgency
3. 'Heels Over Head' by Boys Like Girls
4. 'Jamie All Over' by Mayday Parade
5. 'Sweet and Low' by Augustana
6. 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley
7. 'Dare You To Move' by Switchfoot
8. 'Over and Over' by 3 Days Grace
9. 'Love Hurts' by Incubus
10. 'Northern Downpour' by Panic at the Disco
11. 'Your Call' by Secondhand Serenade
12. 'Believe' by The Bravery
13. i heard this HILARIOUS song called 'I Am A Gummibear' by Gummibear. it was soooo funny! i was going on and on about this to my mom and she didn't believe me so i found it on YouTube and we were like on the floor laughing! it's soooooo funny! ha ha!

and one last thing. i recently got obsessed with 2 things. Boys Like Girls and converse! i'm really hoping for converse shoes for christmas! i have my custom converse that's on my banner, but i love them too much to just have one pair. and Boys Like Girls! LP said she would get me BLG stuff for christmas! i'll have to hold her too it! BLG & converse are my new obsessions! <3 <3

3 crayons:

HyperXEmoXGirl said...

thanx 4 following my blog!

aniiAMP. said...

who doesn't love converse?
it's almost insane that so many people wear it now.
boys like girls. secondhand serenade. three days grace.
love their music. =)

how to make your blog interesting..? it usually helps writing about stuff everyone can say an opinion on. and insanium layouts always work. comment on a bunch of random people you find on blogger. that's how i found you, actually. lmao.(:

aniiAMP. said...

the falling snow on the mixpod;
it only works if you use the skin i'm using on mine. =]