December 22, 2008

I'm back!!

hey everyone! i'm back from tennessee! it as a blast but i missed LP. well gabe got me a christmas present! it's a kitten!! i named him scooter! he's the cutest thing! he's the kitten in the picture. cute, huh? gabe is still with bailey which is cool. i like bailey. we went snowboarding. gabe is really good, but me and bailey were falling all over the place! ha ha! at least it made a good memory. gabe also plays in a band, and they're pretty good. lily-pagan met them once. they play locally, but they're not a big shot or anything. jay, whose the front man, writes all their songs and music. and it's actually good. but enough about them! oh my gosh! and when gabe and i were driving to go see the guys, i heard 'don't trust me' on the radio!! i was like "turn it up!!" and gabe was like wincing, and i was bouncing of the walls! it didn't used to be a mainstream hit until a few days ago. yay 3oh3! i'm glad to be home, thou. i'm going to LP's house for dessert on christmas! her mom makes the BEST chocolate pie! maybe i'll bring scooter. oh yea! did you see the picture behind the blog title? those are my converses. i love them! <3 <3 it took me forever to do all the writing at stuff. it ended up with really hawt shoes, but a lot of sharpie ink on my hands.

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