December 8, 2008

Tennessee & Gabe

hey readers! i just wanted to let you guys know that i'm going down to tennessee to see my brother gabe! my parents are divorsed and i live with my mom and he lives with dad. i haven't seen gabe in a while thou, so i'm pretty excited abt it. gabe's 3 years older than me, but we were always pretty close growing up. we hav the same birthday which is also cool. so november 14th was always the funest day of the year. christmas is pretty cool, too. lily-pagan met gabe when we still lived together. LP and gabe get along which in convient, definatly. LP is an only child so i think that gabe is a pretty cool thing to her. i donno when's the next time i'll be able to post but, gabe's worth it. oh yea! gabe's girlfriend bailey is really sweet too. she's only a year older than me so we get along. she's really cute and bouncey. her and gabe have been going out for a year. actually november 11th was their 1 year anniversary. congrats babe! (gabe and bailey, babe, get it?)

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aniiAMP. said...

love your blog. =]
i have a brother tooo. unfortunately, we are 10 years apart, so i probably have a completely different relationship with him than you and your brother. ;P
love the picture. anime. <3