December 7, 2008

Straight, Bisexual & Lesbian/Gay

i've been swaping emails with my friend rose lately. she's bisexual, which i've known for awhile, but i've never thought much abt it. well the other day, she brought me the great news that her crush, hannah, had said yes when she asked her out. so what's the deal? i'm bisexual myself, and i've been crushing on my friend isabelle for the longest time! i just have no way of knowing if she likes girls. she's 14, which is younger than me. when i asked rose how she knew that hannah might be interetsed, she said she just asked if she was lesbian or bisexual. just ask? it's seems easy... but so not. she got lucky thay hannah was interested in her. well lily-pagan is straight so she's never had to worry abt that, but she's good at keeping my secret from isabelle. nicole's trying to help me out, which i apreciate but i figure it's only a matter of time before isabelle connects the dots. uh-oh...

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