December 1, 2008

One Tree Hill <3

Hey everyone! A few days ago I convinced my friend (Lily-Pagan) to watch One Tree Hill with me just for laughs. Well we bought the season 1 box set and we're TOTALLY hooked! We're only a little more than half way through season 1, but it's totally cute. Last night, we decided to have a One Tree Hill (or OTH for short) marathon and we watched 10 episodes. Well, we just watched the episode 'I Shall Believe' (episode 1.14) and it made her cry! I managed to keep it together but Lucas is my favorite character so it was hard. I know, I know pretty embarassing, rite? But we're both in love with it. I also watch Supernatural (also on CW) which is totally lovely. Other than that, music and skateboarding rules my life. But I always have time to watch some OTH or Supernatural with Lily-Pagan <3

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