December 6, 2008

Britney Spears, The Red Sox & 30 Rock

I totally hate Britney Spears! I always listen to music when I'm blogging but when Britney Spears comes on, I just can't think! All I can think is "womanizer, womanizer, your a woma-womanizer" whenever I hear her! It's hard to blog when the same word is going around in your head over and over... Well anyway, I'm a big Boston Red Sox fan. There's no baseball teams in Virginia so I was pretty much up for grabs. But Boston is a good team so it was an easy choice. Jacoby Ellsbury is my sweet heart <3. The other day me, Lily-Pagan, and my friend Nicole rented season 1 of 30 rock and watched it all in one sitting. Nicole really likes 30 Rock so we agreed to watch it with her. It isn't the kinda thing I would usually watch but it was funny. I loved Kenneth (the dude on the left) the gay nerd. I'm totally convinced that he and Jonathon (Jack's gay assitant) would make a cute couple! Kenathon <3

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