December 1, 2008

Hey, Hey!

Hey everybody! Anastasia Zigantai here! Music rules my life there for I have to constantly talk about it to stay alive. Pretty sad rite? Well, a new We The Kings song just started comin' around on the radio and into popular taste. Secret Valentine (totally sweet). Lemme just say I absolutley luv this one! It's really hot! I'm a fan of Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby, Run) but this one is really cool. Also Seventeen Forever (by Metro Station) started coming bac on the radio. Sure it's Miley Cyrus's favorite MS song, but it's mine too. It's really hot. Top 10 songs today...

1. Whoa Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone) by Forever the Sickest Kids
2. Seventeen Forever by Metro Station
3. Secret Valentine by We The Kings
4. Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park
5. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
6. Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (my ringtone <3)
7. Human by The Killers
8. Addicted by Saving Abel
9. Bounce by The Cab (check this one out!)
10. Love Me Dead by Ludo (another one to check out!)

My list of top 10 songs frequently changes. But today, these songs make the list!

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