August 1, 2009

i'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly

Date: August 1
Mood: restless
Listening to: 'Fireflies' by Owl City
Famous People Born Today: 1770 William Clark, 1819 Herman Melville, 1942 Jerry Garcia, 1964 Adam Duritz


ladies and gentlemen ... boys and girls ... children of all ages ...
*wearing a ringmaster coat* anastasia is in the house.
yes, dears, there's no need to worry. i'm back on the blogger boat.
*wink* it's addictive, really.
and now it's time for everybody's favorite thing... the weather report.
*wearing a weatherman coat* today it's 76 degrees and partly cloudy.
of course, the weather forecast (as heard on the radio) says that we're supposed to be getting rain tonight.
*fingers crossed* i love the rain so my fingers are crossed!
now, now.. what to talk about today...
*bangs gavel* i'll tell you what! TENNESSEE!!
yes! we've finally set the date for going to see my dad and brother! we're going on monday.
*looking at calendar* which is ... the 3rd?
i've been really busy planning and packing for that, which explains my absence on blogger, twitter, facebook, etc.
*covers mouth* oops. i said i wasn't going to make an excuses.
anyway, i'm so damn excited to see them. i haven't seen them since last christmas. of course, i call and stuff, but i haven't actually been the visit them in a long time.
*looking at calendar again* i'm leaving on the 3rd and i'll be back on the 17th. that's 2 weeks.
so the good news is that i won't miss Lily-Pagan's birthday (which is the 1st of september)
*nodding, proud of herself* it's an all around win.
i'm extra excited to see gabe because he's gotta be the best brother anyone could ever hope for!
*makes a heart with hands* he makes my heart SUPER happy.
for those of you who haven't been following my blog for ... forever. i'll fill you in. gabe is my brother and he's 3 years older than me. he's doesn't go to college, much to my parents dismay. but he's in a band with 5 other guys. they're pretty good, too.
*cocks her head* they kinda have Boys Like Girls sound, you know?
gabe plays keyboard and piano for them. i'm rooting for them to get discovered!
*shifty eyes* if that's not too pathetic...
ooh yes! i have more to talk about in today's post! our next subject is...
*fake asleep* dreams.
i know this is quite random and pointless, but that's all this blog is about, right? so anyway, i've been having really weird dreams lately. what kind of weird you say?
*looks embarrassed* they usually have kangaroos.
no, i'm NOT making this up! it's crazy! almost every dream i have is perfectly normal [as far as dreams go] and then a KANGAROO shows up out of nowhere!
*looks frenetic* what's the meaning of dreams with kangaroos?
i know it's a stupid thing to be bothering me, but it is. every fucking night.
*hangs head* maybe it's just too many gummy bears and oreos...
but seriously, it's been bugging me so much, i finally googled "dream meaning kangaroo"
*silence* the answers i got were less than satisfying.
it said that i should get ready for "unexpected and exciting trips." how someone got that out of kangaroos, i'm not sure.
*thinking* it is kind of cool, though.
i don't really believe in dream meanings, but they're cool never the less? what did you dream last night?
*laugh* you guys are probably sick of hearing about my kangaroo dreams, aren't you?
let's see. what else could i tell you about?
*light bulb lights* oh yeah!
there's this little grocery store about 10 minutes away, that me and LP discovered recently. they have really tasty cookies and really weird fruit.
*hysteric laughter* they have a big bin of something labeled "exotic melons"
me and LP were laughing about that for like 20 minutes. one day i'll build up the courage to eat one. in fact, it's on my summer list.
*gestures over to the sidebar* over there.
the little grocery store also has very good gummy bears. they taste more like fruit than sugar. it's awesome.
*shrug* well, folks. that's about all for now.
however, i simply couldn't leave you without the must watch-see-hear! so here it goes;
*opening a letter like on the oscars* and the must watch-see-hear goes to...
Once! the Academy Award winning movie! yes, it is the movie that brought you the song Falling Slowly. beautiful in the movie, and butchered by many on youtube.
*suddenly has a headache* i'm not kidding. don't ever youtube it.
and it's really cool because they never name the characters. it's really very beautiful. if you thought i was kidding about all my other must watch-see-hears...
*Uncle Sam point* i'm not about this one! WATCH IT!
well, i'd better skidaddle! i've got melons to mock with LP! ttfn!
*blowing kisses* and thank you to all my followers! you inspire me!

live, love, Cobra Starship

PS: i really am trying to be a better blogger! no more once a month posts!
PSS: new layout. tell me what you think (:

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Yerika Reyes said...


Lily-Pagan said...

haha dreams about kangaroos? you are so strange! x]
yesh, one day we will defeat the exotic melons bin! :D
2 whole weeks?? WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! :',',',',','((((((
LP will be all alone... :'(

Jillian Jett said...

I LIKE exotic melons =]]]

Anonymous said...

hey have fun visiting your brother.
ha the "exotic melons" bin sounds funny.

Anonymous said...

hey ana! it's meeee maya. :]
i made a blog, like u said. r u rocking tennessee??
lawl i miss u. come home soon.

anni[eek!]. said...

lovely layout :D
I missed your posting. I almost came to the conclusion you got abducted by alien er something. xD
I'm sure your brother's band will be discovered. reading that reminded me of AKIC. (: